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Does Anyone Know Where...


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I still had one but I gave it away to some kid at a school my mum worked at he was happy with it and to be honest after that season I got buyers remorse that shirt was fugly. Also those shirts are pretty crappy quality compared to the ones we have now that and my 1996 Danka home shirt have tiny little threads pulled all over them.

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I don't know...back five minutes and you're inflaming the passions of the frustrated amongst us already...you're a tease Claire, wait til the Fish realises he's missed it :lol: .


Oh Ive missed winding you lot up!!


Its only common sense that between the age of 9 and 19 there is a certain area that will have grown

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what has happened to my lovely thread!?


..a very good question...just had to go back a page to see what it was all about before it was hijacked by...oh, wait a minute :unsure: . I may have had a little something (though not as little as Mac :lol: ) to do with it...sorry :( .

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