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The End Is Ominous


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After the tragedy that was Steve irwin...My Youngest lad ahs hit the fukin Roof 2 day, lost it, counselling needed, room trashed,posters ripped....


Not sure if the news has yet filtered up to you all............


But The Yellow Wiggle has Quit...!!!

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In a statement released to fans, the Yellow Wiggle explained his absence from the current US tour saying doctors were yet to diagnose the health problem behind the fainting spells.


It's not a problem Pat...the stunt double has stepped in for the tour of the States; all will be well in the land of the Wiggle (sounds a bit like VDM falling down illness to me :lol: ).


This modern stuff's not for me though...it'll never touch Bananas in Pyjamas B) .

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I like the purple 1 on heroin...Geff...


Is funny when the kid's Scream "Wake Up Geff"


Was a Magic Roundabout & Rupert kid me self.


Anyone remeber Jamie & the Magic Torch...LOL



Sounds like crayola corner speak that mate :lol:


Yeh pat i remember jamie and his magic torch , i always wondered if he was knackered at school cos he was solving problems in another dimension ( a torch dimension ) when he shoud be in bed a kip .


He must have been fooked given the on set of school in th A.M . :lol:

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