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Is Simon Davies good enough?


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I think Davies is good enough - but has been a bit in - out of the side since coming to Goodison. I know he is a player who does take a bit of time to settle at a club and had a few injuries in his first season with us.


I think if he had gone into the side for most of last season in a similar position. We would not even be having this conversation to be honest.


This has not happened and he has just not settled in to the team.


I watch him regular for Wales and he is a decent player - often he is one of the best players on the pitch no matter who the opposition is. So I know he is a decent player.


It's just not happening for him at Goodison - and it makes it very frustrating

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I am not a fan of Davies, yet, that said, I don't think that he has had a fair crack of the whip to be honest.


Like it has already been said, he has been used when necessary, and he has shown moments that he can do what is required, however, all to often, he drifts from the game and fails to deliver the goods.


I hate to see an Everton player struggling (and lets me honest, at the moment there are a few) so a run a bit of a run in the squad, in his best suited position may be what is needed to get his full potential.

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