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Ok generatons x y & z the arl fart needs some advice.


my kids have the Ps2 console's n tonnes of shiote that compliments.


1 of them is barely 12 mnths old.


The new Xbox 360 is dear as fuk down under & im livid to get them 1 @ the currennt price in view of their Play staitons being all good etc. ( Im looking about + $1000 for one with extra games & further accesories - I can buy a fukin Boat here fer a Grand..LOL )


So now I see these Wii thingys on the market @ well under half to a 3rd the price of the X Box

& kids are keen 2.


The interactive sports games look fun but I dont have a clue.


ANy 1 got ?


Pro's , Con's, The good, the bad the ugly, etc?


Any advice folks be well apreciated.

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being an xbox convert now i really havent bothered to interest myself with the competition! theres no way im bothering with the ps3 but the wii without a shadow of a doubt in groundbreaking with the controllers, fair enough itd be good to buy if you couldnt be bothered going the gym, and hell, if anyones interested in dragonball z (which i doubt they are!) the next game they bring out will be on here and you can mimic the moves to pull them off! also theyre bringing out a new resident evil game for it but i dont know much about that one yet, more about that when i get info. other than that though, its obvious that its a lot more family orientated than the other next gen consoles and as alex said, it pretty much shows that in the graphics, (nintendo even stated this when they started doing promos for it), i might think about dabbling with one in the new year but im undecided for now, so to sum it up its pretty much, its in my opinion... a grown up version of the nintendo ds the bold is for people who just cant be bothered reading my waffle!

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I thought long and hard about if I should by a Wii. Liked the look of them and it also has Zelda on it which is a bonus, however managed to get a 360 cheaper so went ahead with the 360.


Graphics on the 360 are great and thats without a hd tv.


PS3 I have no intention of. The starting price is being quoted as £500 for the consol and 2 games or so.


I am now trying to get a wii as managed to come to a comprimise with the missus but can't get any as everwhere is out of stock.


I have not played one myself but been told its great fun.


The question you have to ask yourself Pat is will the fun factor of interacting with the games run out after a little while.


My opinion would be maybe to get the wii. You never know you might like it yourself. My dad told me he wants to get one as he doesn't have to many buttons to press.


Also heard on the news yesterday that already a lot of problems with things getting broken with it and not just the consol but also windows and tvs with flying controllers.

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I reckon the wii will really come into its own if you've got a few mates round a few beers and possibly a few joints .


Sounds like you'd have a right fookin laugh playing wii sports with a few friend after few jars , cant really see it being that much fun to play on your own .

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Thanks for the reviews guys. Like Andy says in my lads case being 5 & 8 I am pretty sure its more the fun factor than the highly intense graphical exp their after.


They do even play some of the old PS1 games still on the PS2

& that to me seems another clear indicator that it is the game play they enjoy more etc.


Saw an Add for this on telly last night & does look kinda fun.


The few buttons idea is a massive bonus for us older folk who dont have ampedextrus fingers & rubber wrists.


Food 4 thought..& again Cheers Tofeetalkers.


P.s Tested out the "Frosty the Snow man Super Snow cone maker" we got em 4 xmas last night last night..Wowsers what a corker.


The Snow Cones are on Pat.

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