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Will You Light A Candle For


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I know we discuss everything from the weekly shopping, to whats your favourite joke, but it is after all a Football forum, and any passing of a world class footballer whoever it might be, is a sad loss to the game.


That alone will always bring back memories, some good some not so good, but i see no reason why we should not pay our respects, just because they come from Argentina, Italy, or Germany.


It is a personal decision you know, you dont have to do anything you dont want to.

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Heres a list of well known Thieves,Selfish Scum of society, degenerate alcoholic's,druggies for you to no doubt take exeption to Owens.


Kemal Ataturk - 10 November 1938, president of Turkey

George Best - 25 November 2005, footballer

John Barrymore - 29 May 1942, actor

Robert Buck - 19 December 2000, musician

Truman Capote - 25 August 1984, writer

F. Scott Fitzgerald - 21 December 1940, writer

Errol Flynn - 14 October 1959, actor

Alexander Godunov - 18 May 1995, dancer/actor

Lorenz Hart - 22 November 1943, lyricist

Ira Hayes - 24 January 1955, war hero

Ernest Hemingway - 2 July 1961, writer (may have been an alcoholic, but died by suicide [shotgun])

William Holden - 12 November 1981, actor

Billie Holiday - 17 July 1959, singer

Phil Katz - 14 April 2000, computer programmer

Jack Kerouac - 21 October 1969, writer

Veronica Lake - July 7, 1973, actress

Kevin Lloyd - 2 May 1998, actor

Joseph McCarthy - 2 May 1957, politician

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - 8 March 1973, musician

Grace Metalious - 25 February 1964, writer

Modest Mussorgsky - 28 March 1881, composer

Franklin Pierce - 8 October 1869, president of U.S.

Edgar Allan Poe - 7 October 1849, writer

Jackson Pollock - 11 August 1956, artist

Jean Stafford - 26 March 1979, writer

Lester Young - 15 March 1959, musician


Alcohol abuse

John Bonham - 24 September 1980, musician

Bon Scott - 19 February 1980, musician

John Belushi, actor

Len Bias, college basketball star

Elisa Bridges, Playboy Playmate

Lenny Bruce, comedian

Tim Buckley, musician

Dorothy Dandridge, actress

Nick Drake, musician

Bobby Duncum, Jr., professional wrestler

John Entwistle, musician

Brian Epstein, Beatles manager

Chris Farley, actor

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, film director

Judy Garland, musician

Trevor Goddard, actor

Tim Hardin, musician

Bobby Hatfield, musician (fatal heart attack was triggered by a cocaine overdose)

Margaux Hemingway, actress

Jimi Hendrix, musician

Curt Hennig, professional wrestler

Shannon Hoon, musician

Anissa Jones, actress

Janis Joplin, musician

Sonny Liston, world champion boxer (possible)

Bela Lugosi, actor

Phil Lynott, musician

Frankie Lymon, musician

Aimee Semple McPherson, radio evangelist

Keith Moon, musician

Jim Morrison, musician

Brad Nowell, musican

Glenn Quinn, actor

Marco Pantani, cyclist

Gram Parsons, musician

Robert Pastorelli, actor

Christopher Pettiet, actor

Kristen Pfaff, musician

River Phoenix, actor

Dana Plato, actress

Edgar Allan Poe, American author (possible)

Elvis Presley, musician

Dee Dee Ramone, musician

Elis Regina, Brazilian singer

Edie Sedgwick, actor and model

Layne Staley, musician

Sid Vicious, musician

Andrew Wood, musician and singer

Paula Yates, TV personality

Hillel Slovak, musician

Enrique Urquijo, Spanish musician.


Now I want an explanaiton to how each of theses individuls degenearte's is a cheat , thief, & whatever else youve sprouted this past week or so.


Diego can be added to the list @ a later date. ( pure genius Again in footballing terms)


U shld visit Gnn or indy news palces fella...where Political opinions are encouraged & debated..after all weere humble dummed down culturally duped football fans .dont forget.

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firstly, PAT you have too much time and too much info at your disposal buddy! :lol:


secondly, there are a lot of "genius" in their own wright on there, but im sure Owen wouldnt have a clue about any of them.


Thirdly, i will mourn maradonna death, as i beleive him to be the greatest player to EVER live. but it is my opinion and that is all i care about thanks

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Guest fozzie22
my posts are being removed.


it is a travesty that Everton is associated with this forum, when the following image is more apt.



And frankly i'm getting rather fed up with the nazi talk tbh,if you dont like fuck off,plenty of other forums that 'll have OTB

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