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Important announcement.


In response to constant harrassment of rank and file members by the hated management class it's been decided, after much discussion through PM, to set up the Shop Stewards Shed so that the ordinary working TTer can relax away from the prying eyes of the executive classes. It's an InVision board so nothing we're unfamiliar with. Anyone interested PM myself or StevO for details and a link. All (apart from Cyber Stewards and Admin obviously) welcome. There will be a democratic election of officers in due course. Power to the people!


mikeo. StevO (temporary conveners).


StevO, can you log on mate, I need a word.

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Mike - No doubt " History will Absolve You "


How I loved a revolution.


However, As Ive now sold my soul to the Capatoffetalklist Neo liberal Pigs I shall take great pleasure in the demise & crushing of this feble Axis of Shedvil.


Like crushed crisps in the palm of the hand....I can feel the crunching, cracking total pain coming to you utopian platonist's.



Let it be known Paupers & peasants - Resitance is futile.


Anihilation is imminent.


Here ye, here ye here ye, with decree......Long live the 4th order of Capatoffetalklist reign - Death to all Sycophant's ,

sympathisers, Dissident's, dogmatist's , provocateurs, zealot's & Shed dwellers.


To simplify for the peasants.


" Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized "




Louis, i mean Idi Amin..this scum must be dealt with.

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Freedom's just another word........................For nothing else to loose. :P :P :P


Management don't get to quote Janis Joplin Pat (or Kris Kristofferson come to that). We get Joplin, Dylan, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Billy Bragg, Leonard Cohen and Woody Guthrie. You get Michael Ball, Celine Deon, Cliff Richard, that Irish twat who has his fans round for tea and Westlife. Sorry mate, them's the rules...I didn't make them up :D .

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOo the things we have in our staff room, its like the stonecutters and other secret clubs...




Jelous Mike?


Your silence speaks louder than works ever could



Edited by Ian
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