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Electroning Lcd Advertising Hoardings At Goodison?


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It could well be and personally I'm in favour of it. I know it would be distracting at first, but you'd get over it. It's seen as a status symbol by some people and so if they see Everton on tv at a home game, they'd see the hoardings and think oh they're a big club (some fans are ignorant like that!).


Preston based group ADI UK ltd are involved in talks with Everton. The club are looking to increase it's income and this could be the very way of doing it. They are the company who installed the big teles in the corners of GP. Oliver Brindley, the company's head of marketing and communications, said: "We are talking with a number of clubs. Perimeter advertising has a much higher impact when you can take over the whole stadium for a period of time."


The company installed the ad boards at West Ham and it cost them £1.2million and on average they get in £50,000 per game from the advertising. So for Premier League games only we would have an income of £950,000, minimum of two cup games (let's say £15,000 for arguments sake) and it's almost a million pound within the season. It seems to be like a cabbie's fare meter in that it pays for itself. Over the course of two seasons we will have made half a million profit.


Knowing Keith Wyness, he would probably outsource the advertisements to another company for cash up front to a company like Skyville (similar to the JJB Deal).


Plus it means we could take down those horrible adverts on tiers :)

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They have the ( cheapo vesrion ) roller ones here ( @ Cricket ground anyway), they crank n clunk & make a hell of a racket when rolls over to next addy.


LOL @ Gabba test was near fence & was a stage all could here was...Barmy Army,Barmy Army,Barmy Army,Clunk, crash,bang, Barmy Army,Barmy Army,Barmy Army, Clunk Crash , bang creak,Barmy Army,Barmy Army, Trust me to find a odd humorous angle from it all.


I blame Beer + Sun.

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They do have some that change between 3/4 advertisment but I think what Louis means is the type that you see at Old Trafford - the ones that are like TV screens.


As for the adverts on the tiers, you can't beat the infamous "Climax Scaffolding Limited - Practicing Safe Access" on the bullens road stand. Although it would be very interesting to see an animated version of that on the new boards!

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i notice on the electronic games that are on TV that ladbrokes advertise updated inrunning prices for the score on that game. EG if man utd are 3-0 up they offer 5/2 on the score being 4-0. They cant get that sort of advertising to their target audience anywhere else and would be happy to pay for it.


Sounds like a good idea to me

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