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Out Of The Current Squad


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Mine is Arteta. I think he is the most creative player in the team and he passes the ball in all directions (usually intentionally). According to optastats he has crossed the ball an incredible 178 times this season!


Also.. you are not allowed to say you don't have a favourite player :P

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Whod have thought, dreams would come true, Whod have thought Id'e ended up with You..It's Beholdeth to these words I must say after much thought & consideration...That Phillip Neville Is my current top man.


Many got more ticks & higher marks in some football departments, but overall Pip Just got the nod.


Pateria Used:


* Touch & Tech: V/Good

- Aerial Abilty - Good

- Passing Range - Good

- Tackling & Reading - Exc

- Organisational Skills - V/Good

- Communication Skills - Exc

* Positional Play: Exc

* Versatility: Exc

* Commitment / Ethic - Exc

* Profesionalism - Exc



Others whom Figured highly inc: Mikel Arteta/ Tim Cahill.


The pateria & then some gen thought over past few seasons was a big bearing. Messr's Johnson/Lescott may well/will figure in time.


But after a consideration of due care my personal opinion is that Phill Neville @ 29 ->30 Yrs of age is currently our best player & team asset.


Other players come very close - But IMHO Pip has proven himself to be a versatile, modern Pro of the highest order. A player whom seldom if rarely lets you down in any position, plays with grit, sense & determination ( In any position he's told) whilst carrying himself in the finest traditions of Everton captain's & can forsee him Captaining us for the next 3- 4 seasons & doing a fine job.


Life's just plain Weird , someone slap me with a Fish, Coz Phill Neville's , our Finest player... :)

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I'm with Pat on Neville, once he goes out of the middle to play fullback we are fooked, miss the organisation, tackling, and driving the other players on from m/f, we dont have any leader in the middle. Sooner hibbo comes back the better.


But i am very pleased with how Lescott has played this season..............he has been awsome, and a very good buy.

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This season, I would probably agree with most and say Lescott. Despite yesterdays little blunder, he has been strong all season, and shows that a defender is not all about lobbing the long ball up field at any given opportunity, plus, he has stepped up a league without even a blink of the eye.


That said, he has only played half a season for us, so I think I would have to lean with one of three, Neville, who has been so influencial, controlling and steadying the side up. Cahill, who injects a bit of force when moving forward and is able to turn a game at times, and Arteta. The little Spanish lad with skills and pace.


We have some quality within the side, its just a shame that it sometimes takes a rocket up their proverbial to get them motoring.



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