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Kenwright: Bruce Willis And Arnie Are Coming To Gp.


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Those political reasons, were a massive spat between Arnie & the mayor of is it Graz?


As I recall Arnie also told them to shove a medal of order up their coyt's as well as dropping his association with the stadium amongst other dummy spitting actions he insisted upon.


When last asked about his childhood home Arnie was quoted as saying " ILL NOT BE BACK "- " HASTA LA VISTA GRAZ "

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Like it has already been said, it is all well and good bringing celebrities to Goodison, and it is a short lived crowd pleaser, however, I do not see how it benefits the club longterm.


Okay, it generates media interest, which I guess may encourage companies and businesses to put a little bit more advertising revenue Everton's way, but it's not sustainable. The club needs to start looking for more investment from all quarters if they want to both move onwards and upwards, as well as pleasing the crowds of Goodison even more!


Okay, now to stow away my soapbox!



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