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steve-o, the cannonball kid is now known as Owen Goal (it's in the Dandy).


Zed.. no idea to be honest. I'd like to interview a few foreign players to be honest who have played in the past and just get their opinions on things. We all know who thinks what from other sites but i'd like to get something new to read and not just have a carbon copy of an interview from a programme or other website.

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Pat of the Plebs is always available for interviews & great with the media I am told.

Two questions...


I'd like to ask The Patperson how he feels about the constant press speculation concerning his alleged (to use a botanical analogy) monoclinous gender and consequent ambiguous sexuality, especially at a time when the sixth person in the history of "American" sport (LINK) has admitted homoerotic tendencies.


And what's his favourite colour?

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