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James Vaughan

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Not sure to be honest. If he moves till the end of the season then he'll get the games proabbly but is it a case of just getting games or will he gain more valuable experience staying with us for the rest of the season. Personelly i think he'd be better off stayin cos i think he'll be used before so long, problem at the mo is Vic has made a big impact ths season and also favouring the 1 upfront system.

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i reckon if both are given a chance they could perfom very well. I was at both the palace game and westham game when vaughnie scored and think he could become a real assit.


when he scored his fisrt (against palace) it was class because its the first (and only) time i have seen Big Dunc trying to calm someone down, vaughnie will wear the shirt with pride when given the chance. just a shame about his injureis.

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