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Andy Johnson


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he got a bad name at the start of the season, and the commintatiors dont help still. They are constintantly replaying over and over again to see if he is diving, when he clearly isnt.


Now lets look at steven wankard from the scum today...two blantent dives, and 1 against them first game of the season. Nothing said. typical. it really does wind me up sometimes. i dont really like neal warnock, but fair play for him having the balls to say he has lost respect for him this season after whats hes done.

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What you say also annoyed me via commentary.


As if they were analysing some sort of hot topic.


restoking the fire.


Please stop.




Do you guys @ times get Effan Ekouko as expert analyst ? ( Shiote player/Shiote Comm)


Jesus wept a fromer Pro who aint got a clue with a voice over fit for mime.

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"Obviously questions will come about was it a penalty. At the end of the day we shouldn't have given the referee the opportunity to make a decision.


"If we'd played as well as we are capable of doing then we wouldn't have been in that area of the pitch and straight after that we press the self-destruct button.


"My initial view is yes (it was a penalty) but I think it's one of those.


"Sometimes it's given and sometimes it's not, but what you can't do is leave a player of Andy Johnson's quality one-on-one with your keeper."


That's exactly the point... AJ is dangerous and the fact that people are talking about him is a show of what kind of a threat he is.

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nothing wrong with a bit of banter imo.

A few of our songs contain references to you lot, nothing too nasty though.


The mancs are the worst, all they sing about is Liverpool and Scousers - whether they are playing us or not. It's strange, they seem to be obsessed. You'd think that with the history of great players, managers, victories that they have, they'd find something there to be proud of, and sing about.



I think the 1st 'penalty' should've been given as obstruction, indirect freekick.

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