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Disallowed Goals


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To be honest, I was only just talking about this to a work colleague, considering how many we have actually scored, unbelievable how many times we have had the ball in the back of the next and not had the goal given, as a percentage of goals scored it is massive.


Fair enough, three or four over a whole season, but this season is unreal on this front, as I would think we have had at least 6-7 disallowed with a lot of them perfectly fine goal.


I agree it really does feel like every other game we are missing out, and when we are struggling to find the back of the net it really has had an effect on the outcomes of a lot of games.


Didn't we also find the back of the net againt villa, before Baros blattently handballed right in front of the ref.


I would also be interested to know exactley now may time this has happend to us this season.


Cahill was robbed a hatrick yesterday, and well my blood still boils thinking about the Collina insident and the aftermath it had on our squad after our elimination from the CL.

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any old excuse ey?! seriously though, i know exactly the feeling. nothing seemed to go right for the reds last season, there were plenty of injuries and dodgy refereeing. mind you we did have a couple of decisions go our way later on in the season ie chelsea in CL and what should have been offside in CL final. maybe you will get some decisions come the end of the season

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