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James Beattie & Andy Van Der Meyde

Guest blueboy122

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Guest blueboy122

In my opion James Beattie & Andy Van Der Meyde both have futures at everton. I think James Beattie has a future because if we dont sign another striker then we will need him and even if we do we will need numbers and a tall guy to plant his head on to the ball. with us probably goin to sign to wingers i think we will need him to get his head on the crosses. Like at southamton they played on the wings and get the crosses in for james to stick his head on, thats why he did so well. If we sign 2 wingers there will be both options of attack. a threaded through ball for aj to use his pace on and crosses for beattie's head.


Now andy has been at the club for 2 years now and done fuck all but i think this is his season. When ever he is fit and playing no everton fan can say they dont get excited when he gets on the ball. i certainly do. we have seen flashes of brilliance from him and he has only been given flashes of time. Due to his injurys and what have u (beariing in mind we bought him injured). i see no good in selling him for what maybe..1.5 million at the most? we wont get another winger for that amount. i really do think he is a quality player i even think wen he plays he is unplayable he just needs to be given that chance. He also has european experiance which will be handy. He has great crosses great shots and great skill. Of course i dont no what he is lik in trainig but from what i have seen of him he looks a brilliant player.


How about this for a midfeild providing manny doesnt sign on for another year and we sign richardson


Richardson Arteta Cahill Van Der Meyde


In my opinon we have 2 dimensionanal attacks wings=crosses, through (ball) the middle=pace aj


these are just my opions but what are your reviews.do they have a future at Goodison park?

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With Downing being thrown around now i would sell VDM for what ever decent price we could get and sign Both Downing and Richardson, play KR on the right, ive seen him play there a few times.


Also bring in a stricker before selling beats

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Richardson Arteta Cahill Van Der Meyde


How would we be as consistant when only 1 midfielders when we finished sixth + forth with, thats Arteta be the only player in the next seasons midfield, we should only buy 2 midfielders because 3 would change us as a team alot and we would be even harder to jel as a team.


IMO Richardson + Fernandes should be bought so our midfield would be


Arteta Cahill Fernandes Richardson


Thats a midfield good enough to win the eufa cup no matter what anyone says, maybe the rest of our team needs to be improved aswel but then were getting somewhere.

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I would think if Moyes doesn't recieve any decent offers for Beattie or VDM,then yes

they have a future here.We need players so he's hardly going to give them away.

Beatties a half decent player who needs a change of luck.If he came good next season

with AJ and the two lads(Vaughan and Anichebe)that could be the attacking options

covered......spend the money elsewhere.


Andrew Johnson,Beattie,Vaughan and Anichebe....if they played to full potential,who

needs Nugent?.....But Beatties luck needs to change and quick!


VDM!..........What can you say that hasn't been said?Could play a bit part next season,

we need a big squad.Could win a game with a flash of brilliance.....but probably


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VDM could produce the goods but 2 years is a long time to have waited to have only seen flashes of brilliace. he is a winger which is what we need but i think he needs to produce regularly and quickly and have a damn good pre season


i'm a beattie fan. like his passion and work ethic. i personally don't want him to go, but again he has to sort him self out, stay fit (and slim) and start banging shit loads of goals in pre season. i think he's found it difficult because we want our strikers to run onto the ball whereas he's more about being a target man.


Having said that if somebody offers a decent fee then for both we would and probably should take it

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Hahaha, nice joke keeping Beattie and VDM


seriously, these 2 have to go, they rarely play for the club and both have high wages. If we had to have a player that sits on a high wage and does nuthing for this club give the job to harry kewell. At least when he does play he shows some form that has been ravaged by injury

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I stopped there


Same here.


Both have been given a fair crack of the whip, when fit...which wasnt all that often sadly.


VDM is a good player but keeping him fit for two games is impossible, the lad makes Ferguson a first team regular.


Beattie has had a couple of seasons to prove himself, to get fit and to make the number 9 shirt his...hes done none of this. I thought that the bit of competition that has recently came about due to the young lads would have made him get his finger out...but again hes done nothing about it. I really wanted Beattie to come good but its not going to happen.



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TBH im not sure; they both drive us crazy and if the right offer was to come in we should sell.



If we get some shitty offer for them then reject it.

The POTENTIAL they have is good. BT at Southampton and VDM the few glances we have had this season are good.

And if we get only 4mil for both of them (which is likly) then i dont think we could get 2 players in as good as there "potential" for that price.



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