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Bent & Kroldrup


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hang on, if kroldrup goes, who the f*ck is gonna play at the back now Yobo's away?


and if Beattie picks up a knock, who's gonna play up front if Ferguson AND Bent are both going?


surely we ought to have bought people before selling anyone?!?!

James Vaughan is only a couple of weeks away from fitness according to last Saturdays Independent.

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And Hopkins scored on Sat for Hartlepool. (on loan ). getting some Experience.


Dont reckon that Kroldrup is going anywhere - he's a decent player, needing time to adjust and we have lost Yobo (our best defender) to the AFCON - and the only over cover that we have is Weir!


Kroldrup has to stay!

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i'd be surprised to see him leave, if he does then there has to be some 'internal politics' going on. But to lose 1.5 million on him in 3 months is concerning.

A back 4 of Hibbert, Valente, Yobo, Kroldup/Ferrari, isn't that bad really.


Plus as mentioned, if he goes it means that useless 'club captain' will be back in the team, stearing us toward the relegation zone no doubt

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i agree with the whole give him a chance thing, however the few chances he has been given this season he has been very poor and at this moment in time we cant play a "risk" at the back



Few chances???? He has played 1 game not even come on a sub in any others


Exactly, its not like a centre forward who you throw on in hope or to give a bit of experiance, if your getting beat 2 nil you dont throw you new centre back on, also, it is difficult to put someone (anyone ) into a loosing team

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Guest fozzie22

seems to me that per's a bit of a mummys boy who needs his nappy changing thats why he's looking for a move.


But thats the risk when you bring in forgieners

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