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Just Had A Phone Call.............

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I've just had a call off my brother in law to tell me that we have agreed an 8 million deal with Spurs for Defoe!!!!!!

Nothing being said apparently so we don't get gazumped as usual.

He got it from somewhere last night but I don't know where!

Fingers crossed on this one :o

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"Having made a dramatic impact after his arrival from West Ham, Defoe has struggled for consistency this season, with Jol preferring a strike pairing of Keane and Mido. The 23-year-old has started 13 out of 23 Premiership games and a further knock to his confidence could put his England World Cup place in jeopardy.

Jol has decided that Robbie Keane and Jermain Defoe cannot play together while Grzegorz Rasiak has made little impact since signing from Derby County."

The Times.

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Jermaine Defoe is a big time charlie and there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER that he will sign for us.


The only way he'd leave London for Liverpool would be for the other side of the park and the wages they pay. Moyes will offer him minimum wage and then scratch his head wondering why he's said no.


Either that or do his other usual of bidding £3m less for him than the side that signed him 24 hours ealier so he can come out ot the fans and say "I've tried to bring players in". Moyes, good coach, terrible in the transfer market.

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I am very secptical about this rumour - all hinged around Liverpool Airport.


I wouldn't be suprised at Jol letting Defoe go, as there is talk of him looking for a 20 a season goal scorer - (klyt, Berbatov linked) So Defoe moving would not surprise me.


However, with a player like Defoe - there is no way Spur sell him or Defoe (and his agent) would do a deal with Everton without seeing what intrest was like else were - why would they. But they may do something like that with Liverpool. and I would say that Liverpool are perhaps a decent striker short of being a very good team (pains me)

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I hope its true and he is coming for first team football but more likely to the reds and maybe in a swap for cisse as him and keane doesnt work and joll knows that . But maybe beattie isnt injured and moyes has had enough with his antics and is using him in a swap . I think we have to all wait and see .

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Guest fozzie22
As hard as it is to say you are right Rob.


Last season he was being linked with a move to UTD.


really can't see him coming to us.


I still stand by what I said about 2 weeks ago.


We will not sign a striker before the window closes.

Got to agree with you Adam..

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I don't know - I still think Nugent is a fair possibility.


I am not going to say I am a huge fan - as I don't know that much about him, but he is said to be -


- Fast

- A grafter

- Decent on the ball

- fairly strong

- gets his fair share of assists and

- can score,


Don't mind paying £4M as long as a decent chunck is dependent on games played and performances. So you have some safeguard against a flop.


Don't beleieve the bull doing the rounds about BT either, he is doing well for us now, and don't like to see people latching on to an idle rumour for the sake of it.

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come on lads,why would defoe or keane leave spurs,a team who are at least going to be in the uefa cup next year and maybe the champions league to come to little old us!anyway keane is s..t!trust me,im irish and watch every irish game and have been following him for years..he's not the real deal and defoe is only good in spells and has no work ethic....and we all know that Everton at the moment are all about work ethic! <_<

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