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  1. MikeO has gained two more points on dunlopp9987, although the latter retains his lead for both the season and per prediction. MikeO wins for the month of June. It's becoming something of a race, though, with Sibdane (joint winner this round) not far behind.

    A brief reminder that the deadline for posting predictions is kick-off time. It's the only fair way since trying to be lenient got me into trouble before now. :)


  2. There's no doubt the team is improving. The shape of the team was maintained throughout and the defence was solid. DC-L and Richarlison are going to become an awesome partnership, and the average team age is dropping, too. All positives.

    I'm not so worried about Iwobi. He needs to be included consistently to prove his worth, but you can see he has the makings of a good player. I disagree with much of the criticism leveled at him. This was a derby behind closed doors, the first game in months, so it's going to take a few games to get into a rhythm. Still, what I saw today was encouraging all around. Clearly, Ancelotti is placing great emphasis on discipline in training. This guy knows his stuff.

  3. The key, I think, is that demonstrations and protests must continue indefinitely. If they don't, the president will declare victory over the "forces of evil" and nothing will change. If peaceful protests continue, they'll win more and more support as local mayors and others bring rogue police officers to trial. We can't give up at this point. The president's impotence and cowardice must be revealed.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Palfy said:

    Well put Cornish, and how disgusting and offensive that cyclist was, sorry to here that incident happened to you mate. 

    And the governor just made another decision: allow teenagers to drive on some of the nation's busiest and most dangerous roads (some are eight lanes in each direction) without having to take any kind of test to get a license. On the positive side, maybe this will convince more people to stay indoors. :)


  5. They've reopened the trail close to where I live, so I decided to take the dogs for a walk one evening earlier this week - being sure to wear one of the masks my wife has made. In the space of an hour, I noted over 80 other people on the trail either walking, cycling, or jogging. Of these, just three were wearing a mask and plenty were in groups.

    Most disappointing was the attitude of some toward me for choosing to wear a mask. One cyclist, for example, opened his eyes wide, cycled to my side of the trail, made a point of breathing on me, before continuing on his way. Yes, I know plenty are being criticized simply for leaving their homes, and this is not right, but neither is it right to mock those who choose to wear a mask.

    I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I suspect those pretending all is now well are going to pay a high price for reopening everything - restaurants, gyms, move theaters, etc. - too early and not taking sensible precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks. At best, they'll feel rotten for two weeks as they suffer the virus; at worst, their actions may indirectly lead to the death of elderly and medically compromised friends and family. I understand how frustrating it is to remain at home for much of the time, but it's no excuse. Worst of all is the total lack of leadership right now in the US: "everyone did what was right in their own eyes."

  6. 19 minutes ago, Hafnia said:

    It's Like watching Jaws....  "tell them it's a batracuda"..... "It's just flu"......

    Where arrogance and lack of intelligence collide - it's quite devastating. 

    Add gyms to the list of things he's opening. It's crazy. My hope is that most will ignore him, but I suspect a sizable minority (this is big-time Trump country, after all) will no longer remain at home.

  7. Here in the Atlanta area, we face a potential catastrophe. The number of COVID-19 cases is soaring, so what does the governor do? As of this weekend, parks and beaches will reopen, as will eat-in restaurants, hair cutters, tattoo shops, spas, massage parlors, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and many other stores. Never have I encountered such stupidity in a leader, despite (un)healthy competition.

  8. On 15/04/2020 at 08:22, Hafnia said:

    I was a huge fan of his.... but I'm concerned that there appears to be some noise that he is a bit big on vaccines at the rivalry of therapeutic treatment that may save lives. 

    Have a look at hydroxychloroquine - combined with zinc and antivirals people have been getting well .. remarkably so. Yet Faucci (Bill gates made huge donations to him) is opposed to it.... lots of weird stuff going on. All big pharma style shannanigans.

    I may be wrong but it seems money or the need to make money is leading the way. 

    Makes very interesting googling. 

    They've had to stop trials because it's literally killing people. The best hope right now appears to be something being tested by Gilead.

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