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  1. That Momentum crew have a very authoritarian bent, not even interested in any other candidate and just want to install Long-Bailey as the new Labour leader.
  2. Progressives have been guilty of some hypocrisy but Jesus mate, try and keep a little bit of balance. That is not Fascism.
  3. This is a bad example mate, the opposition in that instance actually acquiesced to the removal of the democratic apparatus that resulted in Germany becoming a dictatorship.
  4. What are you disagreeing with there? My point is the same sentiment.
  5. In an election where Labour were decimated they won a majority of the seats in London. I'm not just referring to the UK there either its a Western thing, the more comfortable people are the more they care about social issues in general, climate change, LGBTI rights etc. I see your sentiment but I don't think politics should or needs to be such an all encompassing sacrifice, it's human nature to worry about your own households needs before you worry about other peoples.
  6. I don't consider it greedy to want to earn somewhere approaching your earning potential, I also disagree with the last part of your statement and its evidently true that the more comfortable people are (I'm not talking about the super rich here, I am talking comfortable) the more they are inclined to care about the vulnerable in society which is why inner city types are more likely to vote for progressive parties.
  7. It's a political thread on an internet forum Palfy, I'm not going to moderate myself because some people can't handle a robust discussion. PS I am not opinion
  8. No Mark, you are not interesting in debating which is why you pretty much attempt to hound out anyone with a contrarian view to yours with ad hominem attacks on their style and equivocation on any argument they raise that challenges your position. If a conservative dares raise their head then the implications of stupidity, racism come out and the standard circle jerk ensues. With regards to the bolded, again that is entirely a figment of your imagination in response to being disagreed with, don't take it out on me.
  9. The comparison to UC is bogus though, whether you agree with the function they perform is a different matter as is whether the level of UC is high enough, the remuneration for politicians needs to be commensurate with industry. There's likely people on this thread who earn more than a MP so not surprising we're not attracting the best and brightest.
  10. Thats not MPs expenses Pete, members in the house of lords aren't salaried that allowance is it.
  11. I really can't imagine too many people are going to get the Brexit they expected.
  12. Haha I have never done that, I am careful about what I share and I generally form my opinions from books I have read/ public intellectuals I have listened to and things I have observed in my life. I'm only interested in the truth and what is good for humanity and currently as this thread goes that is the replacement of Donald Trump with an adult who can provide some leadership in what is likely one of the most challenging periods modern humans have faced, so actually living through the election and their first term and being able to win a second term is a priority.
  13. As far as I "lecture you" it's just pointing out that your subjective reality is not necessarily an accurate world view and that you should open your mind to actually engaging with ideas your stomach finds uncomfortable. What you should be worried about is that you don't care if ideologues who share your world view smear political candidates in their own party. That's about as illiberal and anti intellectual as you can get.
  14. Did you miss the part where I said give people some agency? Both sides engage in playing the man instead of the ball and its mostly the politicians who do that, not the media.
  15. She tweeted an ancient article about a candidate from her own party in an attempt to smear him. His campaign pays 100% of comprehensive health insurance and it even stated in the old article she posted that he was currently paying a cash stipend in lieu. Nice deflection though, it's only Trump supporters who are blind to immoral and unethical behaviour though right.
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