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  1. How do we feel about the bolded now? We haven't made the progress we have made using this kind of divisive language, you look at the great civil rights leaders and they used language that appealed to our sense of common humanity., this language is a backwards step in my opinion specially from a politician elected to represent a fairly diverse constituency. ps Regarding the italics, I really have to know what do you mean by "white ideas?"
  2. She's not saying there should be more diversity in government, she's saying that a persons politics should be determined by their skin colour/sexuality/religion. Politics based on "group identity" is not something we should be aspiring to, we've plenty of example in history of how that has lead to less cohesive societies.
  3. haha listen to the Brexitcast they are quote mining this propaganda from, this is just terrible and should be seen for what it is, even by people who get sexually aroused by Nigel Farage.
  4. If you go back I actually said I was surprised that things like universal healthcare and anthropogenic global warming were considered leftwing or liberal issues in the states. I think you can make a good conservative argument for universal healthcare and not polluting the planet. I've come to see that in reality conservatives and progressives need each other, its a symbiotic relationship that is useful to the group in general, both sides over reach and you can see demonstrated in the world how problematic that has been when one side has had too much power and become authoritarian. The squad are great but I get the feeling a couple of them would over reach if they got the opportunity, AOC and Pressley in particular. I'm not a fan of this kind of identity politics
  5. I have a horrible feeling Ghoat thinks America invented democracy and capitalism. @Ghoat, please advise.
  6. Just as I expected, weak as piss.
  7. Psychologists refer to this feeling as "cognitive dissonance"
  8. Brexit hasn't happened yet John.
  9. 1) Your argument surely can't be so lacking in nuance that you wont accept that a number of leavers also wanted to stay in the single market and customs union, you don't have to point out something that has already been pointed out specifically by me many times like its a new argument three years and 82 pages down the track 2) Strawman, where did I state that? I said the Parliament still has to represent the interests of the entire population. 3) That video is a statement of the obvious, it's actually very prescient and honest and is not helping you.
  10. Take your own advice, you're still just replying to strawmen arguments. Of course Parliament invoked article 50, that's how you get to the next stage of negotiating the withdrawal agreement, that is the only part with no grey area. Keep on ignoring the fact that the referendum was not pre-legislative and the Parliament still has an obligation to the other 50 million people who live in the UK and didn't vote for either a deal or no deal Brexit.
  11. What do you think you heard here? It's not an admission of anything other than someone spelling out the withdrawal process, highlighting the fact a deal may not be agreed within the two years and that all the other member states would need to agree to an extension.
  12. Very keen to see this, I've been trying to find evidence that the leaders of the leave campaign even mentioned no deal outside the Parliament let alone inside it.
  13. You just did it again, Article 50 is a formal notice and a process by which member states notify the EU of their intention to leave, the reason that the Parliament had to vote to invoke article 50 is because the referendum was not pre-legislative. The invocation of Article 50 can be rescinded with a solitary letter. The Parliament is the only constitutional authority by which to make and repeal laws and that is what it is doing, the idea that it is not functioning can only be based on an ignorant understanding of how democracy works. They don't sit around the campfire singing "Kumbaya my Lord", they argue until they reach a consensus on the legislation and if they can';t do that there is zero reason why no deal becomes the default when a second referendum can be held on the options. If people are unhappy with the member they elected they can change them at the next GE, the answer is more democracy not less. So again, how can a second vote and more democracy divide the country?
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