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  1. We better all agree not to be too productive or they might realise they don't need us all!
  2. That's whataboutery, Australia has had mandatory detention since the 90's for people arriving without a valid visa. (most of whom have been settled here as soon as their identify and status as refugees could be established) That is not analogous to detaining your own citizens and subjecting them to "re-education" because of their religious beliefs and then harvesting the organs of citizens who won't comply. The US and Australia are taken as credible because they ARE credible, we have multi layered government systems with separation of power and a robust free press. There is no comparison.
  3. 1) There's nothing in that Guardian article where Blair trashes Brown's performance as Chancellor. ( You're going to need more evidence that a news article link to demonstrate Brown's fiscal policy wrecked both employment and the economy too by the way) 2) Nice attempt at an ad hominem there, but pension schemes in Australia are mandated under law whereby ones employed contributes 9.5% on top of your salary into you fund. Private or public sector.
  4. Government debt as a proportion of GDP under Brown was lower than the previous Tory government, government spending as a % of GDP has been constant since the war.
  5. Update, two days WFH and have to admit I'm being much more productive so far, although not enjoying the video meetings at all.
  6. I'm a public servant so very across the way things work, the average person would be amazed at how little changes when the government does. They will have their election commitments which in the grand scheme is typically fiddling around at the edges, the vast majority is BAU.
  7. I really don't see you you can make this claim while you're denying to provide a definition of what money is and how it's created. Comparisons to the 70's when the UK was on the gold standard are spurious to say the least.
  8. Thing is mate I would believe a right biased US news publication before anything the Chinese government was telling us, remember they currently have a couple of million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps for "re-education"
  9. Mate, you're barking up the wrong tree trying to make this a partisan issue (and so is RPG). The civil service is running the show as best they possibly can and the government are just reporting on what they're doing. (badly)
  10. That a cop out, it's not a political question. It's an important clarification when you are bandying around assertions that your party is spending it wisely and your political rivals are spending it wantonly. If you don't answer any further posts will moot until such time that you do.
  11. Media bias has them as right biased but mostly factual, which is entirely possible unless you view conservatism as a mental illness. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/national-review/
  12. Can I ask you what you think money is and how it is created?
  13. What are the Tories doing now then?
  14. haha, show me in the post where I said no companies were registered in the UK? Jog on and learn some reading comprehension.
  15. Jesus, I never even realised they'd branched into food. They need to be stopped (broken up) before they take over the world.
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