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  1. Of course he has no chance of winning, he's there to shift policy direction.
  2. How are you coming to that conclusion?
  3. Hope this guy gets to participate in the debates, he has a lot to contribute to the conversation
  4. My good man, have you forgotten where you live? Atheism not a problem? The Dems were using that in 2016, the GOP will go to town on it. He needs to come out as a direct descendant of Abraham ASAP.
  5. Does this make it any easier?
  6. Yeah, or they could be intersex.
  7. Top rant from a mate on facebook "I left the Labour Party and indeed the UK a few years ago because I knew the schism between centrist and left would never come together again. When I realised that centrists were far more engaged with attacking the left than they were with going at the Conservatives, I knew the UK was truly fucked. I didn’t want to be around for the collapse. As the point of no return passed by, when fellow centrists were willing to let Labour lose rather than get us in power and then worry about the leadership, there was clearly no fixing it. Then Brexit came along… Brexit is the fulcrum cause. A more cynical person than me might even say part of its purpose was to smash the left. However Brexit is just symptomatic of a larger malaise of people being incapable of seeing anything other than their own shrieking agenda. There is no more consensus or greater good, only what I want NOW NOW NOW. If this centrist spilt happens in full, and a new party is formed, the left will not migrate to it. They will entrench. The split will mean a Tory boot on the face of UK for the rest of our lives. I don't even feel that is hyperbole. The true insanity is that there is a perfectly good 'third way' party in the Lib Dems they could go to if they weren't happy with Labour. But this isn'tt what they want. They don't want the UK to be a better place they want to smash Labour because it's not doing what they want. I’d done with Corbyn a while ago. I get what his play is over Brexit but it is wrong. Centrists will say this is all his fault but we all know this split has been in place for some years now. It's not the fault of any sides despite millions of pointing fingers. Everyone is now chasing their own agenda, it's everyone's fault. Brexit is just a brass idol that blame culture bows before. Everyone spends hours pointing fingers and apportioning blame but not one minute doing anything themselves other than, at best, paint a twee banner for an utterly ineffectual ‘protest’ once every 3 or 4 years. I talk all the time about being a communist when I am having a laugh online but I’m pretty centrist. Always was ( I used to volunteer for Chuka in the Streatham ward). But I supported Corbyn wholeheartedly pre-Brexit because I wanted Labour to be in power. I saw the right wing propaganda machine wear everyone down, on all sides, until people I very much respect and appear to possess a brain started piling in on him, in what seemed to me to be an act of peer-pressure rather than political know-how. Long before Brexit came along they’d given up on Labour. You don’t get to choose your team, you support it regardless. You do what is best for it. If you don’t like the manager you get rid when the time is right. But you don’t kneecap the players, burn the bus and demolish the stadium when things aren’t going well. But there is no getting away from it now. Brexit is a Cold Civil War. It’s hammering the UK into pieces and every time something like this separatist move happens, essentially opportunists making the most of the disaster for personal gain, more pieces are lost under the furniture and won’t ever be found again to glue back on. My centrist friends are crowing and whooping today. But I fear what I always said would come to pass has finally happened irreversibly, the end of Labour. And it wasn’t the swivel-eyed nutjobs of Momentum that did for it, it was the ‘nice’ middle class, slightly pompous ‘those who know betters’ who killed it, and it will let the very worst people in the world continue to have their way. Of all the recent bullshit in the UK and LORDY has there ever been a lot to choose from! this is the one thing that will reverberate down history. The day we gave it all to the Tories on a silver platter. And it will be the weakest and most vulnerable who will bear this brunt of this insanity. As always."
  8. Google says she was. I'm only half joking too, in a WaPo poll a majority of Republicans said they would support Trump postponing the 2020 election if he suggested it.
  9. Which is why my prediction is that Ivanka will be the first female President of the US. After he installs her at the end of 2024.
  10. Populism is the new black, Jez is accidentally in fashion.
  11. https://aeon.co/videos/watch-a-single-cell-become-a-complete-organism-in-six-pulsing-minutes-of-timelapse?utm_source=Aeon+Newsletter&utm_campaign=c8959663c9-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_01_30_05_54&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_411a82e59d-c8959663c9-68965365
  12. UKIP Manchurian Candidate
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