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  1. I can never get excited about the under 21's it reminds me of b team football from the 80's 90's. Controversial maybe but I don't find it interesting one bit. If a youngster is good enough he will be too good for under 21's imo!
  2. No you don't get access to stuff like that. You can access netflix and other sub based stuff but you obviously need to subscribe to them. There are some decent free stuff included though.
  3. I would sooner eat grass than give up my firestick! Best invention ever. I have netflix on all the time pretty much now lol
  4. Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. About scalping and bounty hunting cowboys and Indian style. It is an excellent read. Recommended.
  5. This was a fantastic read.
  6. Remember parking here few years back on my travels over from Buxton.
  7. Although I prefer skimming the forum from my comfy chair. Finally thought it a good idea to register and complete the experience. I'm not very good at introductions. I hope I passed the test. lol
  8. Happy! Was starting to think he wouldn't sign.
  9. Gothenborg is nice. I imagine it is same or similar to Copenhagen. Expensive beer mind! Take plenty of kronas. lol
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