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  1. Do you think he will sell many shirts in Colombia and the whole of South America.
  2. No Bailey game shooting isn’t really an organised sport, there are no leagues or competitions that I am a ware of, now target shooting isn’t a different matter plenty of clubs and leagues across the country.
  3. Hello from Toffee Talk England, and thank you Colombia 🇨🇴 for James Rodriguez we love him and will look after him. Once a blue always a blue. Adios amigo.
  4. This thread will be getting changed from realistic to unrealistic soon, the double over Liverpool, finishing 4th, how about Champions League winners 21/22. Oh and on a personal note I have a three some with Elisha Dixon and Amanda Holden on Palfy’s got talent 😎
  5. We won the game convincingly controlled it from the start to the end as we should have expected to, so to get over excited about the performances is slightly over the top they only did what what was expected of them against a very poor team, anything less would have been pretty embarrassing in my view. Some of the comments surrounding certain players on how well they played against opponents who never tested them in anyway shape or form, in my view are OTT, unless of course you genuinely thought we would be up against it.
  6. After extra time, in someways I still believe that’s a fairer outcome than penalties, which can become a lottery but also exciting for the partisan supporters granted.
  7. The first league cup final I clearly remember is Swindon Town beating Arsenal.
  8. Gylfi, controlled the midfield and created.
  9. Fairly comfortable in the end, these games are never easy always the chance of a potential banana skin.
  10. I think we are lucky that Salford have been fairly negative in there approach, if they gave it ago they stand a could chance of getting a result.
  11. I’m sorry but I can’t Take That.
  12. He never didn’t even get on the pitch after the warmup, Shukester was down the pub again lucky bastard😉
  13. I don’t know but I think it could be a case for Good morning Britain’s Dr Hilary😂
  14. 😂fair enough, just that I read something today that said Carlo has Kean and him down as surplus to requirements.
  15. That’s brilliant news mate so pleased for you and the kids that it went so well👌
  16. You are definitely right about Coleman covering for him, there was even a moment on the pitch where Rodriguez acknowledges Coleman for his work rate, great to see that proves he’s not a big time Charlie but a team player.
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