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  1. A true European and now we’re leaving 🥵
  2. So you’re Scottish then😁
  3. Any surprises Mike that’s a long way back.
  4. The first series of Lucky Man was excellent but didn’t find the second as good, so dipped out of it early on.
  5. I recorded the film Lonesman and watched that today quite a dark western staring and directed by Tommy Lee Jones, I wouldn’t say it was brilliant but well worth a look.
  6. Having watched him on the Andrew Marr show this morning I feel confident he will connect with the country, I know he won’t have everyone’s backing in Labour particularly the far left of the Party, but he has the backing of the union’s who generally stoke the far left. I hope we see the return of some of the MPs who left the under Corbyn if we see that happening it will send a clear message to Labour voters who left or remained, that Labour are once again are united and the country needs a strong united Labour Party, even if you are a Tory or Liberal, we need accountability and not governments that are so powerful they do what they want without redress when they get it so wrong.
  7. Just read a report that he is possibly going to Italy in the summer, it would appear he is not happy here, and Ancelotti isn’t trying to persuade him otherwise he’s trying to help find him a club,. Apparently Roma have been mentioned.
  8. If he doesn’t turn the Labour Party round I dread to think what will become of Labour as credible power in this country Mike without wishing to appear rude I hope you’re concerns about him prove to be unfounded, or we shall live the rest of our lives in the shadow of a Tory government, now how depressing is that thought.
  9. Strange I don’t see him as weak, I see a well rounded and grounded person, who is intelligent enough to know the pens mightier than the sword, I think Boris is in for a hard time by someone who is more switched on than Corbyn was.
  10. He is not left of left and knows how to engage with people, he will be a breath of fresh air after Corbyn, not that I disliked Corbyn he just struggled to be engaging with people which did him no favours and the right wing press crucified him because of it, even though he had some good policies. Starmer was a leading lawyer for human rights and when he talks you want to listen, he won’t be a push over when it comes to PMs question time Boris has now got a very intelligent adversary who’s going to bring him to task and turn the tide for Labour.
  11. Things could fall into his lap when it comes to the primaries, stay safe Mark.
  12. I think being slow to react and not learning from those that are doing better and those that aren’t, is beyond contemptible it’s the same virus no matter what country you live in and will be devastating for those countries that don’t take the tough decisions faster. Trump for me acts like he’s invincible because he’s the leader of the most powerful country in the world, again he scorns advice from the medical professionals in your country, when they recommended people try to protect themselves and others by wearing a mask, he puts the advice down by saying he wouldn’t wear a mask and tells the country you don’t have to wear one, what idiot would say that in all honesty, yet his wife tweets the complete opposite. She must be thinking what a dick I’ve married. Stay safe Sibdane New Orleans has I believe the most positive case per head than anywhere else in the State’s and is a ticking time bomb.
  13. I’m pleased Starmer got elected he’s definitely got a big job on his hands to unite the Labour Party, but I think he will be a lot more palatable to voters than Corbyn was. The rebuild is on and the future doesn’t look so bad, I’ve got high hopes for him and wish him well.
  14. I do agree that it’s not helpful when political opponents use it as a weapon to beat each other with whilst we are still fighting it, they should be working together for the good of everyone. But when the people who hold the power to make a difference are getting it wrong, then they should be criticised in the hope it makes them do better to say nothing would be just as damaging imo.
  15. 👍 Pretty much as I thought to many he can do no wrong.
  16. A couple of questions for our ( good old boys) American blues. 1) What is the general consensus on how Trump has dealt with the Virus. 2) If many Americans lose their lives ( and I pray that they don’t) could that cost Trump a second term if felt he could have handled it a lot better, or will it have no bearing and he will be re-elected no matter what happens.
  17. That was a tax on dividends to make the rich who were paying themselves a punitive amount through PAYE then paying themselves thousands of pounds in share dividends at taxable rate of only 10%. A loophole that had to be closed taxation has to be fair and the rich shouldn’t be allowed to take advantage of loopholes that 95% of the population can’t, unless of course you are in the 5% you might not agree.
  18. The Liverpool team of 83-84 wasn’t a patch on the Everton team of 84-85, not that I’m in anyway biased.
  19. But he’s right Blair never criticised Brown as a chancellor, on the contrary Blair always recognised Brown as a good chancellor. Blair and Brown fell out near the end of Blair’s role as PM, which led to him saying he didn’t think Brown would make a good PM, he didn’t and couldn’t say Brown was a poor chancellor because the evidence was there to disprove it, and you surely can’t be trying to blame Brown for the world banking crisis that effected every country in the world.
  20. Honestly I’m that desperate for the return of football to start, I wouldn’t care if Niase was up front Gylfi and Schneiderlin in the middle Keane and Sidibe in defence and Bernard in goal.
  21. WHO said test test test 6 weeks ago, Boris and his cronies until 2 weeks ago said no it’s not necessary, with deaths soaring and hospitals being stretched, today they have realised what we all new that testing for everyone is the only way forward, since this started this government have never had a viable plan, Boris has always acted like the lovable clown 🤡 the reality is it wasn’t an act he is a fucking clown 🤡
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