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  1. What and it’s not now?
  2. Not me I’m lover not a fighter 😀
  3. Fully agree and of course it goes with out saying I would be delighted to be proved wrong, and I hope you get a good return on your shares if you ever decide to sell.
  4. Ok post the accounts pre Moshiri and now.
  5. But Steve there still debts that have to be repaid when he chooses to call them in, he’s an account mate he knows how to make accounts look good that’s his job, trust me he’s here for the money you paint him as some friendly benefactor of the club he’s not like you said he’s a business man not a football man but his big ego as you pointed out is that he thinks he’s a football man and that’s the reason with all the money we are worse off. Who’s the owners he’s having a friendly competition with its not the owners of Arsenal Chelsea Utd or City they are well above his league when it comes to wealth, he couldn’t even get an audience with Kronke. yes I do own my own businesses and I run them well that’s because I know my industry if I ran my company’s like he’s run this club I would have been bankrupt years ago, you seem to think he’s playing with his own money and the club a free from any of the costs, well it’s all at the risk of the club the club have loaned the money from him and the banks and sold their best assets to support his fuck up, we are in a far worse position financially. And I'm a supporter not a shareholder or a employee I'm someone who has supported this club for nearly 52 years I’ve been a season ticket holder a couple of times now I go to the odd games most away from home than home, and I would like to become a season ticket holder again hopefully in the new stadium, but he has to be the most incompetent owner in the PL and in all my years as a supporter I have never felt as low as I do now about the club and I squarely lay that at his door it’s a complete and utter embarrassment what he’s done since joining shocking truly abysmal.
  6. Of course they make money some might not see very much until they sell, and some take millions out of the clubs each year as well, they don’t buy for the love of the game they buy for the investment on the basis they can make a club be worth considerably more than they paid for it. And to think Moshiri is here for the love of the club or football in general is ridiculous trust me Steve he’s here to make a lot of money on his investment The trouble with him is he thought it would be easy by throwing money at it and it hasn’t worked, why because he doesn’t know what he’s doing he reminds me of the banking sector of 90s and 00s just throw money at people and it will come back in droves, financially the club is technically in a worse position than before he came in it owes millions to him and the banks, the money for Stones Lukaku and others has been literally thrown away about 150 million then he loaned us 100 million whether that all went on players who knows, but we have spent 300 million on players since he arrived god knows what we’ve spent on top of that in managers and football directors. That’s why we are worse off than before he arrived 350-400 million spent on playing staff and playing the worse football I’ve seen for years and we’re not worse off were the same no way mate it’s a lot worse all the way through the club and going by this season we haven’t hit the bottom of the big hole he’s bought us yet. Yes the club did need someone to come in but we ended up with a totally clueless dick another Fred the shred he’s responsible for every manager since he arrived, I could go on for ever but I’m boring myself now he as proven to be a calamitous owner and in my opinion we haven’t paid the final price of his fuck ups but to many just see the pound signs and not the performance of what his money has or should I say hasn’t done.
  7. Usmanov was on the board Moshiri tried to get on the board for years they wouldn’t have him I wonder why that was not hard to work out really is it, so he comes here because he wants to be involved with a PL club not because he supports us or cares about us he’s in it for the money, like most owners in this league. Like I said money doesn’t automatically buy you success when you haven’t got a clue how to work or operate in what ever industry you buy into you end up like us failing, he’s made a catalogue of errors misjudgments and come out with ridiculous statements about players, it’s quite frankly embarrassing the position this club finds its self in since he arrived. And let’s not credit him for the stadium it was on the horizon along time before he arrived, and if Kenwright sold to someone else it would be in the same position as a is now.
  8. Usmanov is one and there will be others, when Kenwright was looking for a buyer he said he had numerous offers but turned them down until he felt comfortable that who ever he sold too was the right person for the club, fuck me he got that wrong. Of course there are big players out there who want to be part of the PL if clubs like ours come available and that’s not daft Mark far from it.
  9. Conservatives should be the last party to lecture on broken manifesto promises, in there last two terms that Cameron was in power they have broken or failed to deliver on more manifesto promises than any government at anytime in history.
  10. No let’s not be poor let’s hope he realises he’s out of his depth as an owner and sells up to someone who has a modicum of knowledge, money’s not the end and be all if you haven’t got a clue what your doing with it, an owner with money who’s clueless is worse than an owner who is frugal with his money but makes sure every pound spent is spent wisely, ask Villa fans with this dick we could be easily in the same position.
  11. To put it politely he’s a fucking dick who’s making this club a laughing stock.
  12. You could use that argument for a lot things and crimes against humanity that have happened in the world, but sooner or later you have to wake up to the realisation that fighting hate with hate doesn’t work it just perpetuates the hatred.
  13. I agree with you Mike and the tabloids pray on the fact that most people are institutionalised racist because of the environment they have been brought up in, that’s not a slur on any individual knowingly acting in a racist or nationalistic way that’s just how the society we live in is educating kids, and faith schools have huge part to play in keeping the status quo the same, so let all cultures faiths and colours mix as kids then we can start breaking the cycle of telling kids they are different from kids else where. And that is not trying to get rid off religion but religion should be taught at home if the parents are of that nature and not in schools were you segregate kids from mixing at a young age were they can make bonds that they can take through to their adult life.
  14. Multi cultural integration and the abolition of faith schools so that kids can mix freely with kids from different cultures and faiths, and see for themselves that people are not different and that will be the building blocks for the future.
  15. I don’t know Matt we are big club in my eyes with a lot of potential and the right ingredients to massively improve where we are at right now, we need to find the right man and I think there will be plenty wanting the opportunity.
  16. Why ask me that that’s what Brands gets paid to find out and if he is as respected in the game as much as we all think he is he shouldn’t have much of a problem finding the right candidate for the job. To do nothing to stop the slide into what could quite easily become a relegation spot on the basis you don’t think there’s a manager out there to replace him is crazy, let’s see what happens against Cardiff first we should win comfortably to be honest, but if we lose we will be a very difficult situation with the games coming up, and if we don’t change how do we turn it round because it’s very big and unanimous of people saying give him more time but the club are running out of time to get this right. For me lose against Cardiff and he has to go and I think if that does happen a majority of supporters will feel the same way, the risk of hoping he can turn it round will be to great to take on.
  17. If we are in a proper relegation battle with 6 matches left to play we would have left it to late to sack him, that would be giving the new manager no time to turn it round if we lose to Cardiff he has to go immediately to give someone a chance of turning it around, to expect someone to come in with 6 games to play and save us from relegation is folly. We have the players to be 7th or at least fighting for it we don't have the manager to take them there.
  18. Running in 2020 at his age he will be struggling to walk😉
  19. Don’t you find it crazy that after all the money spent we are going to Cardiff and advocating being defensive because the reality is we have more chance of getting beat than winning, fuck me it’s Cardiff where’s it all gone wrong.
  20. Good point I was always hoping that Davies would have developed into that sort of player, he’s never shirked the physical side of the game which is a bonus he’s still young and the more games he gets the more he will develop.
  21. Totally agree we need 3 in the middle to work as one unit all with the ability to defend pass and get forward 3 good allrounders. you look at the way Wolves play very well set up no ones the go to play maker no ones the designated ball winner they play as a team one unit in midfield, and their midfielders all contribute to every aspect of the midfield role. I would like to see Bernard Gomes and Davies get a few run outs together they are probably the only 3 we see who have the most ability to their all round game.
  22. I don't know what his average scores out of ten were but quite a few pundits saw it the same way as you that he put a good shift in mainly in the way he worked with out the ball, I also noticed that he has become more of a team player in his attitude towards his team mates has the Fergie influence at the training ground rubbed off on him.
  23. You know what Rubes I do think she should be allowed back and any others that have British passports, if they have committed any crimes they should be punished, but we have to show we are bigger than ISIS that will hurt there regime of hate towards the west more than if we keep going tit for tat, what we need to remember is that nearly if not all the attack’s in this country are from people born and radicalised here, we need to stop the spiral of retribution which radicals feed off to groom the next suicide bombers.
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