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  1. Completely right why are we even debating this, unless your view of Walcott is such that even if he scores he’s wrong for doing so I cannot see the issue, he did what 99% of players who have been in that position would do.
  2. I agree it’s not the players so much that need replacing it’s there attitude at times, and if what you are saying about teams that sit back and hit us on the counter is correct then different players and tactics must be adopted for them games.
  3. If he thinks that racism is only owned by white Christians then he needs a reality check.
  4. You can’t condemn Walcott for scoring because DCL isn’t its not Roy of the Rovers or fantasy football stuff, beyond belief what some people post.
  5. I definitely question the players attitude to the games against the lesser clubs, against the big clubs they show the desire and will to win that we don’t see against the smaller teams, to progress you have to be up mentally for the games against Fulham as much as the games against Utd, if that isn’t addressed then there won’t be any trophies coming here you have to win the bread and butter games. We get so elated when we win against the teams you mentioned because we can see that we have a chance of breaking back into the top end of the league, then we fuck up against the poorer teams and sort of except it, I for one think the players and management deserve severe criticism when that happens in the hope it changes their mind set to these games.
  6. That has just highlighted to me how far we have let the big five or six pull away from us since then, we could beat that previous tally and still be no where near 4th spot. Just thought I would had a bit of perspective on how much further we have to go to get that CL spot☹️
  7. I know it’s 6:30am and I’ve had my fair share of red wine 🍷 but you have completely lost me.
  8. Had family down from Newcastle still watched it but couldn’t post, my eldest daughter came with her fella who supports Utd he was very quiet today for some reason.
  9. Gylfi great all round performance.
  10. Don’t remind me the hurt is immeasurable.
  11. I remember going to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands some years ago, you couldn’t land directly from UK due to there runway being too small. So had to fly into Antigua and get on a local plane called an Island hopper not much bigger than a 16 seater mini bus, you had no door between you and the two pilots just a red curtain and one stewardess with no refreshments When we got on we were the only white people so it was very much a locals service if I remember called Liat, there was an old guy with a wicker basket full of chickens 🐓, just before we took the off stewardess went round spraying everyone with this large aerosol can. It was my first time in a small prop plane with two pilots who looked and sounded like Bob Marley I was shitting myself, we were up and down four times before we got to our destination getting sprayed at every stop I couldn’t wait for it to end, then it sunk in we had to do the same trip going home what a nightmare, thank you British Airways’s.
  12. Plus no Gomes a real big miss, and no one to replace what he gives to the team.
  13. Palfy


    Trust the English to upset the natives no wonder we’ve got a bad name when going to other countries 😁
  14. You never know good even be a Spurs player next season how shite would that be.
  15. Looks like he could be sold before he kicks a ball for us, apparently a host of European clubs interested in him where he doesn’t have a problem with work permit, yet still can’t get one here and that’s before we Brexit.
  16. We must have some decent youngsters aren’t we top of the U23s league, thing is young lads at most PL clubs are going to struggle to break through with the pressures managers are under there scared to take the risk, look at Silva 4 games ago he was looking like he could be on the way out now he’s fighting for a Europa League place, so he’s going to be very reluctant to give youngsters a chance if it backfires he’s going to carry the can, and that usually means the bullet. The players we have out on loan would they get into our 1st team Vlasic maybe Sandro may have got an opportunity seen as DCL and Tosun aren’t scoring, Holgate I don’t think would have made the bench most weeks, and realistically who of the others would you have back.
  17. It would seem like any hopes of finishing 7th are slowly fading.
  18. If found guilty will it be a 2 match ban or 3.
  19. Wish you hadn’t put it quite like that I’ll be inundated with Gay dating sites now😀
  20. Fuck off Pad that’s one of my new girl friends 😀.
  21. Possibly more because we haven’t got the depth of players needed, for all the money spent in the last 3 seasons we have a very limited squad of players to call on. I don’t know what sort of money will be at Brands and Silva’s disposal but when you think that they could end up splashing 50-60M on Gomes and Zouma and that wouldn’t had anymore options in team personnel it doesn’t look promising that we will see much more coming in. Does anyone have any indication what money the board have allocated for the summer transfer window, we need a big lump to try and get a proven scorer.
  22. Well if that’s true stop picking on me every time I post I’m starting to get a complex😀
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