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  1. Yes you did when you started back tracking on your first post, which was shown to be in factual, that’s why so many don’t like debating with you on here, you can never admit when you’re wrong, you would rather lie or try and move the goalposts. Honestly you’re such a fucking dick mate it’s embarrassing to watch you squirm your way around to try and prove you are never wrong.
  2. Revisit your first comment which you clearly stated, that since WW2, we have not had a war because of our nuclear deterrent, wrong. Now I’m going to disenfranchise you and not discuss with you further.
  3. No don’t do that look at what disenfranchised means.
  4. The law may have changed but that still doesn’t make you disenfranchised, you need to check what it means to be disenfranchised.
  5. Korea, Falklands, Iraqi were they not wars that we were involved in, and you could say maybe the Panama Canal conflict.
  6. You have not been disenfranchised at all, you decided to leave the country of your own free will some twenty odd years ago, which by doing so means you voluntarily gave up your right to a vote which would be the same for anyone who chose your course.
  7. Brands can still strengthen the team especially if it’s true he already has a manager lined up, there would be nothing that could stop communication between them behind the scenes.
  8. Fuck off Mark you had no idea you didn’t even know he was at Derby
  9. Exactly, a result against Utd should prove we are in safe hands until Brands gets the man he wants, and not the man Moshiri wants.
  10. Rooney league stats D.C. United.com Ibrahimivic fctables.com last season in the league 27 games 22 goals. But what ever there both not good enough anymore for the PL or Everton, he’s 38 years old for fuck sake without a club, and Moshiri is thinking I’ll give him a contract so he can keep us up, I’m sure Brands must be thinking what sort of idiot have I got myself involved with if Ibrah rocks up here.
  11. Rooney played a total of 48 games in two seasons and scored 45
  12. Well he hasn’t retired has he, and he played yet because he isn’t eligible yet, do your homework Mark.
  13. Rooney last season played 28 games and scored 27 goals mainly from midfield, Ibrahimivic played 27 and scored 22 from up front.
  14. Rooney hasn’t retired he plays for Derby County in the Championship
  15. Sadly you are right, so we shall just have to step in line I suppose.
  16. Only four candidates in my constituency to choose from the two ladies running the station said it was a very high turnout. This was the Ist time in my life I never voted labour I feel very disappointed with myself, but in 2017 election Labour only won 7% of the votes here, so I voted tactically for LibDems in the hope of trying to stop Brexit. We need to have proportional representation in this country so that know matter were you live you know your vote will count even if you’re surrounded by a load of pompous Tory twats.
  17. I wouldn’t put Delph in for Schneiderlin, sick note could never deliver what Schneiderlin did against Chelsea, I know that doesn’t mean he will replicate that performance against Utd, but any manager worth their salt would start him in the hope that he does.
  18. He’s to old over the hill, he’s not going to come here and be the same player that came to Utd 3 years ago even, Rooney would do a better job than him at this stage of there careers, set your time machine to 2020 mate your still in 2010 😉.
  19. That was said when we bought Eto and what a cunt he turned out to be, very big gamble in my opinion and not one worth taking.
  20. That’s only if you believe the press, I’m surprised Fat Sam hasn’t been resurrected by some jurno.
  21. No problem with that he deserves it 👏👏
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