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  1. He has been poor of late and he obviously recognises that, but the manager also knows he has got ability and is willing to give the opportunity to get back to were he should be, but that won’t be for ever so a reaction is required from him, he as point to prove, and I believe he will
  2. Sat in Bristol airport it’s so quiet that the flight departure boards are displaying all flights up until end of Sunday. Hope the flights the same I might be able to have a lay down a cross 3 seats.
  3. Are Tories starting to realise that life’s are more important than money, I find it hard to believe if they are, maybe that’s the evidence to say it’s starting to happen. But that’s just one who’s seen light so I won’t get to excited, because most are and will always remain horrible fuckers.
  4. I wouldn’t argue with that, shit for the thousands of supporters though there the ones I feel for.
  5. I’m not sure but I think they will, and when they do they will stay above Hull on goal difference, also read that there is a real chance that they fold completely, which would be another sad day for English football.
  6. I just had that sent to me, and that’s a relegation battle between them, Wigan are now out the relegation zone on goal difference against Hull, even had 12 points deducted for going into administration, great result if it keeps them up.
  7. Oh it did it lifted the supporters Goodison came back to life again, it wasn’t just about the results although they were good when you look at the opponents we faced under Ferguson, your memory surely isn’t that short that you cannot remember what we were like leading up to Ferguson taking, I’ll remind you in one word shit. Ferguson’s I’ll take no prisoners and you will work your balls off approach, brought some pride and belief back which was visible, with players who didn’t give a shit before actually giving it ago. I truly believe that Ancelotti’s great start was off the back of Ferguson waking them up and giving them back their pride, it now seems to have worn off again and they have reverted back to hiding with little pride and belief in what they are doing, I think Fergie time is required again, Ancelotti needs to give Ferguson a couple of weeks of his brand of management, to shake the fuckers up again and remind them what there here for.
  8. Wouldn’t that be a dream if things like that happened in reality.
  9. I sold my place in Spain last year on the 14/09 to couple from Romford who have taken early retirement, I’m flying out to Spain on the 16th to put stuff in storage and sign legal completion at the notary. Covid has delayed this for 6 months they’ve had to put there life on hold since February, what seems trivial to some is huge to others, Covid has affected so many in different ways. Unbelievable Mike, but a credit to the British spirit of we will always find away forward even if we are not backed by the powers to be.
  10. It would be nice to know especially if they could also confirm if you have had it in the past, but the unknown before the test must be worrying for a few reasons, especially when you’re wife and yourself are more at risk than most if you had contacted it. Good luck Mike I’m sure you won’t need it.
  11. I’ll crack on then. I’ve strangely picked only 7 players based not on ability but on effort and desire to wear the shirt, players that I believe I’ve seen throw the towel in and give up in games, but they may not be technically the worse players, but I’d rather see Sidibe run till his heart nearly burst even if the final product isn’t what we would want, than to watch Gomes and Digne in some games this season play with no heart for the fight, stroll about with heads down and no endeavour or fight.
  12. Try thinking of players of today who could live up to their standards of winning at all costs, and not accepting anything but 100% commitment from the players, and the players knowing they won’t take any prisoners. I don’t think they exist anymore, but I posted a couple of times in the past that we have no natural leader or voice on the pitch.
  13. Good attitude Mark, what’s done is done. You could end up in an asylum trying to get your head round what’s happened with us in the last 6 games.
  14. But why wouldn’t other clubs just go straight for Pope if he’s better, and totally ignore Pickford, I would if I felt the way you do about both of them.
  15. I started to tick who I felt wasn’t giving there all and when I finished I had ticked almost all of them, so decided to untick them because it would take me to long to write my reasons why. Life’s too short to get embroiled in everything. Sorry Pete great thread and I have enjoyed reading the posts mate, if voting is acceptable without giving reasons mate let me know.
  16. 😂 hope you’re right mate, and hopefully the acquisition of players will be Ancelotti’s solely, and maybe just maybe we will get it right this time.
  17. I feel more sorry for us having to watch him.
  18. If he was doing it as a direct insult I would agree, but it’s just a natural reaction he gives to a poor situation, with I believe no malice intended. Any how why poke your tongue out at supporters when the grounds empty, that would be like going to the car wash when you don’t have a car, no point 😀
  19. You need drugs to get through the pain, you’re right but there seems to be no end to poor running of the club on the team front. So for me it doesn’t seems to be that simple because we keep repeating the same mistakes every season, being one of the biggest spenders, and yet no improvement.
  20. If we finish that low then that should be laid squarely at the door of Moshiri and Brands, because that is completely inexcusable under any circumstances, or are they just going to keep sacking managers, to cover their own lack of ability, yes they probably are so it will be cheerio Carlo soon.
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