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  1. Very accurate definition. Sense of history.
  2. What is being an Evertonian? This is a great responsibility. It is an honor. The honor of being blue.Being an Evertonian is suffering and loving. These are not cups and titles. This is a state of mind. This is something you cannot forget to touch. Like love I love Everton. I do not know why. But I love him. The most valuable thing that we have and what is Everton. We are the Evertonians. Presidents, players leave and come. Stadiums are changing. We are the only ones left. Only we are always with our Tower. And I want to tell all those who are worried about the result and the game. Spit on it all. We lost 20 matches to Liverpool. But 21 we will win. And this victory will be sweeter than 6 European Cups. It must be remembered. Remember that WE are Everton. And this is the best we have. And this is what invisibly connects us all.
  3. Happy New year to you!
    I wish you all the best.

  4. Dear friends! Happy New Year. I wish you all health and happiness. Fulfillment of all desires. And may our Everton play the best in the new year and please us with positive emotions. Thank you all for the warm welcome. It impressed and touched me. Good to all.
  5. A difficult but such an important victory. Burnley played terrible football.
  6. I would like to thank everyone. That met such a strong warmth. I honestly did not even expect this. I don't feel like a newbie here. It feels like I've been here a long time. Thank you friends.
  7. Thanks! Very nice words from a fan with such a huge experience of support. I will definitely raise money and go at least once to Goodison. Thanks again)
  8. It is necessary to tear this arsenal into small pieces
  9. I said that we will not lose. I believe in Duncan. He lives the game and transfers his energy to the players.
  10. Yes I am sure that there will be no defeat. Or draw or win.
  11. I think that they will build a stadium for now. I will raise money and go to see this miracle.))))
  12. The more I read the story. The more I penetrate. Everton is a unique phenomenon. How they influenced the development of football in general. Deserves deep respect. I am very glad that this was revealed to me.
  13. Where can I read the story? More than Wikipedia
  14. Why not give a chance Ferguson? After all, he played for the club for so many years I am a new person. I don’t know much yet. But how he celebrates goals. He is worried about the game, the players.
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