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  1. Yep - let’s ignore him being the leading striker in Croatia’s World Cup runners-up team only 12 months ago and the fact that he still played 33 games for Juventus last season and just say he’s a has been because he’s 33. It seems a common theme with you that if a player is past 30, you’ll write them off - very odd!
  2. Gana’s replacement (hypothetically) is likely to be young and new to the league based on who we’ve been linked to - mainly young African/French lads from the French league. This replacement will have to adjust to the league so I expect Delph will certainly start the season as first choice then it’s his place to keep.
  3. If we got rid of Tosun and Niasse then signed Mandzukic and another young striker, it would be a master stroke. The bloke has been a world class striker for the past however many years - on a 1 or 2 year deal his mentality/quality would be priceless. Imagine being Calvert-Lewin and getting to train with this level of player everyday - it’d surely improve his game.
  4. This one is sure to pop up again when Atletico confirm Trippier. Silva has just reiterated that we want another full-back. Whether we’re actually after him - who knows but some paper will put 2 and 2 together!
  5. I’m going to be controversial here... I don’t think it’s a lovely smile. If anything, it makes me shudder!
  6. Maybe the actual goals but the massive holes in our midfield that day were frightening - they could have had a lot more than 6!
  7. Did you see the Davies and Gomes partnership in action vs Spurs in December? I think Delph will have had plenty of options but we’re just the best one.
  8. £8.5m rising to £10m. I see him as a replacement to Besic, McCarthy and maybe Schneiderlin not a replacement to Gueye. If we sell Gueye, I see us buying a younger player in the same mould (as Gueye) - a few players in the French league have been mentioned. I think Davies and Williams will be kept around the 1st team as squad options so having the experience of Delph is a smart move in my opinion.
  9. As referred to, he’ll be a good leader. If we’re building a young squad, we’ll need a few older heads. We moan about not having that character that will get in the ref’s ear - well Delph will do that. Seemed a good character in the dressing room too having watched the Citeh doc. He was excellent at the end of his Villa career and Pep’s no mug - Delph played 89 games over 4 seasons under him (albeit at left back for many).
  10. I’d have Delph over McCarthy (since his injuries), Schneiderlin and Besic but wouldn’t want him unless we sold all 3.
  11. To play? As he still hasn’t got a work permit, it’s impossible unless we can get one.
  12. Maybe start with this one! ☝🏼
  13. Yep - makes little sense going with the early games unless it fits an agenda or gives you the answer you want. Surely we saw ‘Silva’s Everton’ towards the end of the season. I think ‘agenda free’ analysis of that period may be warmly received.
  14. Why the first 11 and not the last 11 when Silva’s philosophy is more imbedded?
  15. I agree - he’ll get paid millions and millions there. Thought he was great a couple of years ago but he hasn’t done a lot since going back to Atletico - is the fitness/ hunger still there? All points to China IMO.
  16. I disagree - we don’t need a target man as such in my opinion. I’d much prefer Simeone (Diego’s son) from what I’ve seen. Someone who can do the hold-up parts and be a focal point for our attacks but won’t hinder our pressing game. Maxi Gomes seems more in the mould of an out and out target man.
  17. Special mentions for John Spencer, Tobias Linderof, Anthony Gardner, Gareth Farrelly (although he did one thing right!), Stuart Barlow, Mitch Ward and any other useless being to pull on the shirt!
  18. 1. Steve Simonsen - we spent loads on him at the time. 2. Tony Thomas 3. John O’Kane 4. Per Kroldrup 5. Slaven Bilic - more for the disappointment as he was a class centre back - just an absolute waste of space for us! 6. Claus Thomsen (c) - shite! 7. John Oster 8. Danny Williamson 9. Brett Angel 10. Michael Branch 11. Idan Tal
  19. This is a classic example of an agent getting his client the best deal. Toss up between Valencia and West Ham - I think our name has been conveniently thrown into the mix to pressurise one of the clubs actually in for him.
  20. Excellent signing for Leicester - I really rate Perez.
  21. Is the Premier League the pinnacle or is it just the place where players will get the highest wages? Due to the money, we’ve probably got the most ‘depth’. Obviously the 2019 European finals would suggest dominance with all 4 being English - will be interesting to see if this continues. The Champions League is the pinnacle so I’d say the likes Juve, PSG, Bayern, Real, Atletico, Barca, etc are more attractive than players just choosing the Premier League.
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