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  1. On 26/03/2020 at 22:13, pete0 said:


    Coleman Yobo Heitinga Digne

    Arteta *McCarthy Fellaini Richarlison 





    Coleman Yobo Weir Digne

    Arteta Speed Fellaini Richarlison 



    I forgot about the late great Gary Speed. Updated for the welshman, and to keep Mike happy. Weir comes in to represent the Scots. 


  2. 10 hours ago, RPG said:

    BoJo has only been PM 4 months. He has been busy with Brexit and Covid-19 for much (all) of that time but has vowed to honour his promise to the many thousands of former Labour voters who abandoned Labour and voted Tory in GE19. I believe him. What you are doing is akin to saying you don't like Everton's style of football while the score is still 0-0 after 20 minutes of one game of a new season with a new manager and coaching staff in charge and that we should sack the entire management and coaching team. It makes no logical sense Pete. We would probably have sacked Howard Kendall if not for the Kevin Brock back pass at Oxford and would then have missed out on the most successful period in our entire history. Let's not make that mistake with BoJo. The electorate have put him in No.10 with a massive majority and, so far, I (and most people in UK I speak with) think he is doing a good job under extremely difficult circumstances. You don't have to like him but I do think you should respect the decision of the electorate and give him a fair chance.

    Well that's just bollocks. Go ask the workforce who are unnecessarily at risk. Why should I respect our Hitler? Majority does not mean right, atm it means far right greedy racist idiots. 

    The quote below was copied from a friend's facebook page while many people were busy ignoring common sense advice to self isolate, treating it as a holiday even, and I think it highlights what BoJo is up against and the sad state of some small sections of UK society.

    THIS IS THE UK RIGHT NOW....!!!!!!!!!!!

    Public: how can I pay my rent 
    Boris: grants and freezing mortgages

    Public: what about my business
    Boris: 12months interest free grants 

    Public: what about my kids 
    Boris:close schools

    Public: what about my job
    Boris: your employer cannot sack you due to this pandemic period 

    Public:What about my wages
    Boris: pay 80% of your wages 

    Boris: please stay indoors as much as possible and avoid contact
    Public: f&ck off.

    Asked to do 1 simple thing and we as a nation struggle.  Stop being selfish bastards and for once in your f&cking life think of others before yourselves

    Copy & paste to get the message out there

    But that's all talk and very little action. As Palfy has pointed out people are still unnecessarily going to work. Why haven't we froozen mortgages and rents like Italy? If we see nationalised we'd also be able to sort out bills. All bj has done is close the schools and told parents they can't leave them at nan and grandads, so those who can't work from home are having to stay off UNPAID to look after their kids whilst potentially the other parent is off to work in an office/warehouse and coming back with the germ any way. 


  3. 36 minutes ago, Chach said:

    Its can't be good for your mental health to go around thinking half of the population have a psychopathology that results in them being indifferent to the death of their elder relatives, Palfy.


    Some of those elder were lambs who voted for the slaughter. People are easily brain washed but they should still be held accountable. Half a country is no better than the Germans of 1940.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Palfy said:

    The Parliament is closed but when this is over and it can reopen there will be people with some very difficult questions to answer. 
    There have undoubtedly been mistakes made and corners cut in the name of money, let’s make sure we seek the truth to the questions we want answered.

    Hopefully those in power did everything they could, with the advice and tactics relayed to them by the professionals, and never swept advice under the carpet due to costs or to tough to implement. 

    It'll be same old torybot responses unfortunately. Companies have been done for gross negligence manslaughter for less.

    We need a revolution and if we don't revolt it'll be losing world war III that will bring change. May and BJ will have their faces in the history books next to Hitler and the like. 


  5. 1 hour ago, RPG said:

    What's your point? How does that respond to our government choosing the Italy model over the Korea model. 


  6. 1 hour ago, RPG said:

    I am sure you won't be surprised to learn that I disagree with your sentiments. The fact of the matter is that the tory party has a massive majority and the electorate voted that way for a reason.

    BoJo is only 4 months into the job and has had to spend most of that time dealing with brexit and Covid-19. He has made assurances to the previously Labour voters who voted tory in rather large numbers and, once the dust is settling on Covid-19 and brexit (hopefully, even earlier) I am confident those assurances will be honoured.

    Can we not at least give the guy a chance. If he stuffs it up I will be joining in the criticism but I do think it unfair to judge him as PM in only 4 months and when he has not really had a chance to focus on what might be called normal politics.

    I do think that Boris knows that austerity and trickle down needs supporting by investment, government support and a 'trickle up' policy. When trickle down meets trickle up the economy should grow in leaps and bounds.

    How can you disagree with facts? 

    What bits do you disagree with? And how so? 

    Was BJ not voting with his party? I'm holding them all accountable, murderers. 

    As for trickle up. It's been over a decade. What have they got in place to close the gap between the rich and poor. When was the last time you lived here as the disparity is alarming, the rich are getting richer yet the poor are getting poorer. Poverty is rife, kids are going without food. 

  7. 19 minutes ago, MikeO said:

    The experience of Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom shows that so-called developed countries of many stripes can respond ineffectively to crisis.....

    Worst thing is we were purposely ineffective. Our experts would have had all the information and data showing South Korea stagnated it compared to how rapidly Italy were effected. Yet we then chose to go down the Italy route. 

    This government needs replacing immediately, they are not fit to govern and should be held accountable for mass murder, at a very minimum treason as they have put corporations before the best interest of the nation for over a decade. 

  8. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-homeless-rough-sleepers-hostel-shelter-government-england-a9429471.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3PN9sFg0c6eh0ios4eSJOPntCfkISqs00rO19XRbpBwNkIwZGLfe0434M#Echobox=1585299390

    Homelessness to be solved only two weeks into a crisis yet the tories couldn't do anything for them the past decade. 

    They also made social aid pitiful, yet in 2 weeks recognise 80% of a wage is a more reasonable system than the draconian one they championed. 

    Shameless cunts even clapped last night for the NHS, that same NHS they have purposely managed a decline which has made the crises that much more difficult to handle by staff that were before the outbreak under resourced (and underpayed). Now they are sourcing beds and throwing funds about for a pop up mass hospital... Only so they can purposely let more people get ill as they manage the sick with their wishy washy policies rather than actually try to help and just do what's best. 

    Austerity and trickle down has well and truly been found out. Any one who is still tory after this needs to give their head a good wobble. 

  9. 6 hours ago, RPG said:

    If any company uses only desk tops (and hundreds of them)  then they are so far behind the technology drag curve that they can't be employing key workers (I am sure there might be a couple of exceptions) and the workers should just be stood down.

    They should but the government has only closed shops that are open to the public. If they trade online they are allowed to stay open. Which means they need people to manage the stock levels, people to pick the stock, and people to operate the customer service side. 

    Can you please provide examples where there are still offices in non essential industries requiring hundreds of people in them. You may be right but I am not aware of any.

    The link shows non essential warehouses are open. How come you've not commented on that?

    Any how any offices that are attached to any online company (other than those were the company had chosen to look after the staff as the government is unwilling). The government sent them a memo they could keep trading. Can't find the memo but if you don't believe me try ringing a call centre and you'll probably get through. 

    Given the gov gave a memo to keep trading do you condemn them or do you agree the lower down on the socioeconomic ladder are needlessly sacrificial? 

    The government message is not as you say at all. The government message is very simple. 'Stay at home, help the NHS, Save lives.' That message applies to everyone. I think we need to put partisan politics to one side here and look at what the government has done to fight this unprecedented crisis. No response will ever be perfect, much less perfect first time, but I am absolutely convinced (as are the vast majority of people I speak with) that this government's first priority is protecting health and beating Covid-19 and that they are actually doing a damn good job.

    It was worded to sound like that but it was vague when it comes to travel to and from work. They should have been clearer that if you are unable to work from home the gov expects you to go. The whole self isolation concept and advice is fucked by this. 

    I don't see your last para as being anything other than a political snipe at a government that is generally acknowledged as doing a damn good job of tackling a massive crisis. Government advice is to stay at home and work from home if you can. Most firms in non key industries have already shut down - either through choice, government instruction or drying up of 'just in time' supply chains. There is a generous compensation scheme in place that is expanding all the time (now covers self employed as of today) and I think the government deserves great credit for the speed and manner with which it has been rolled out. 

    They deserve no praise. They've known for months and have dithered at every step. It's gone from don't worry it's less harmless than flu to self isolate (if you can afford to). 

    Bottom line is that nothing this government does will ever be enough for some people because their anti tory genetic make up will always prevent an impartial view being taken and prevent credit being given where it is due. I understand that. At the moment I am watching Ed Balls being interviewed on BBC London News and he is full of praise for the way the government is handling the crisis.

    Fact is your response is only so long as your tory ideals have been well and truly found out to be unhumanitarian. You didn't get to vote but those who did should be ashamed of themselves. Death is on their hands. Any other government would have had the NHS and the country better prepared. Tory government has prioritised corporations over the public. They are not fit to govern. 

    There are still many measures left to be implemented, I am sure. But the best way to beat Covid-19 is to support the government (who are only implementing apolitical expert advice) and let normal political hostilities resume when we have beaten Covid-19.

    The advice was to isolate weeks ago. We instead told people to wash their hands for 20 seconds and stand a meter apart if possible

    I am currently in 14 days isolation (pending results of my second swab test) and working from home on the admin side of my job while trying to manage a 50% pay cut.

    The government aren't even checking the NHS and supermarket workers here. Count yourself lucky to be in a country that is better prepared. 

    Stay safe.

    Get well. 


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