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  1. Thought he might of been THE signing of the window for us. Seems that's very wrong...every game passes him by. Just doesn't stamp a Mark on the games nor does he do enough to make any sort of positive contributuon. That's harsh, I know.
  2. Thanks gents! We're in Newborough for a few days, weather's not looking great but you can never tell until the day!
  3. Getting hitched in the morning. Engaged for a few years but decided 5 weeks ago to "just do it". Stressful few weeks but we've nailed it (here's hoping). Treating the family to a long weekend in Anglesey immediately after the ceremony (not having a formal reception). Boys in bed, H staying out and I've had to watch (parts) of that shambles. Luckily I'm alone so I've not been publicly embarrassed. Kept it relatively quiet and intimate. Just need some prayers for good weather ? all welcome to assist aha.
  4. Genuine. If the board REALLY want to show ambition Tuchel or Ancellotti would be the perfect solution. They'd have to be sold the 'project' again because they're way above our level currently.
  5. Get excited. https://twitter.com/Meisarch/status/907394614461554689
  6. Thank God Mane's toes were pointing up, Can you imagine the damage if his studs caught him Check out @DirtyFootbaIIer’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/DirtyFootbaIIer/status/907284200302239746?s=09
  7. B - Are you not the one being awkward Intent should always be peosecuted. So should dangerous play. I'll say it again, I don't believe that there's any malice in Mane's action but he was running at an onrushing keeper (which he knew as that's the reason he's trying the knock the ball around the keeper) with his foot (studs up) at around the 6ft mark. That's dangerous. If a player dips his head toward a football around waist height and another players accidentally kicks him in the head going for the reasonable ball, then no-one is really at fault. The defender would understand that the risk of being kicked in the head (when you put your head that close to the ground) is quite likely. Ederson would never had expected a foot to be that high when he choose to rush the attacker. It was dangerous play and it was deserving of a red card. (I can't talk of the other 2 as I haven't seen them). Here's Ederson post hospital visit. (Sorry about the image source). Imo, He got off lightly and no major head trauma was caused.
  8. Check out @ThePeoplesGroup’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ThePeoplesGroup/status/906642209688170496?s=09
  9. Studs not up? Are you kidding? So are studs not up, if the bottom/sole of the boot makes contact with something otger than the floor? FYI I don't think it was deliberate and there was no malicious intent. The rules are the rules however and having seen our plAyers sent off for a lot less. It's reckless by Mane and luckily didn't cause any serious harm.
  10. I know its still early but signs aren't great....
  11. This. People called it early doors though, he was replacing players with purpose for multiples of the same position (Rooney, Klaassen and Sig) and spent mega money doing so. Now he feels inclined to fit them all in, at all costs. That cost at present is a working formation. I wasn't overly sold on koeman, he improved with his conferences but he's showing exactly what happened at Southampton. Falls out with players, Can be very stubborn and favours particular players. It's not looking great.
  12. I'm perplexed by the situation . How has Koeman not known how shit he is after he's managed him at 3 different clubs? Didn't watch him in Holland but he has always been shite every time I've seen him for Southampton. How has he managed to move to a club supposedly on the rise??
  13. Pretty obvious his head is firmly wedged up his arse. Shouldn't be near the team at present.
  14. Which is hilarious when you think he's managed to show horn 3 number 10s into the side.
  15. https://twitter.com/ViewFromGwladys/status/906544144008577025
  16. He is a defensive midfielder like. Should be the person partnering him who looks forward...as long as tgat person isn't also a defensive midfielder (Gana).
  17. Hoping the whole episode (if Coleen leaves him) doesn't mess up his head too much but I'm pretty sure it will. From an incredibly selfish, Everton perspective, this is a potential disaster.
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