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  1. I thought this was very funny (from the NYT): https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/17/opinion/brexit-what-comes-next.html
  2. And of the EU, surely - it was foolish of them to let Greece join the single currency, as it was foolish of lenders / investors to treat Greek debt like German debt. A currency union is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. As no one in the euro is not in the EU and new members (to the EU) are expected to sign up to the euro, it seems strange to claim they are unconnected, but I may be misunderstanding what you're saying.
  3. Are the eurozone and EU really completely unconnected? The political left in the UK thought the EU was to blame for what happened in Greece. (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/14/left-reject-eu-greece-eurosceptic). Corbyn, himself, (https://www.markpack.org.uk/153744/jeremy-corbyn-brexit/) has been highly critical of the EU's position, and their environmental policies / ridiculous farming subsidies trashed (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/10/brexit-leaving-eu-farming-agriculture). It's not all rosy.
  4. If we had a chance of getting Mourinho, I'd jump at it. We have one of the best squads we've had in years, but one of the worst teams. That's all on the manager. Pretty sure Mourinho would have them playing. Arteta would be my sentimental choice, Howe a big risk and Rafa probably the most pragmatic option. I just want to move on from Silva, really, so hope they decide soon.
  5. I echo much of this. With such a slender majority, and with all that has happened since, I would also accept the result of a second referendum. I voted to leave but not at the expense of ripping the country apart and setting neighbour upon neighbour. Forcing through any kind of mandate (and many don't even recognise it) when opinions are so polarised and the opposition so steadfast, was only going to lead to trouble. The whole political system has shown itself to be defective and most MPs have behaved poorly. I really wish there was a kinder politics out there and a great tolerance of other people's points of view, but there really isn't at the moment. I don't think Cameron would have saved the situation, but I agree he would have done better than May (plainly out of her depth) and Johnson (toxic).
  6. Politicians lying to get votes is hardly news. Political parties failing to deliver on campaign promises is hardly news. Do general election campaigns or presidential campaigns get rerun on the basis of the lies and misinformation? Should Trump / Clinton have been rerun after the Russian interference? All that is being claimed here is that Leave were more adept at spreading lies and misinformation than Remain. The corollary of that is hard to gauge, though, as there are no stats out there (that I have seen, anyway) that put a figure on the number of people duped into voting Leave, as opposed to those people too scared to vote Leave because of Project Fear. Maybe everyone who voted Remain was fully cognisant of the issues, maybe not. To argue that the referendum should not have counted because you believe people were voting for lies throws up all sorts of questions about democracy itself - how we police political campaigns, being the most prominent.
  7. I think the comma saves him!
  8. Hear, hear! But have we got it in us? We're overdue one.
  9. I'd take Lyon over Leach in a heartbeat!
  10. On the final day. He's in to take wickets and he doesn't do that enough, in my opinion. We need better.
  11. We must be one of the easiest teams to defend against. Absolutely nothing through the middle. Everything is out to the full backs and cross. It's awful to watch. When was the last time we had a forward burst through the middle having been slipped through with a clever pass? Barkley / Lukaku? Tosun looked busy the last time out. Put him and Kean up front. DCL does nothing for us.
  12. It really is quite remarkable, isn't it? And frustrating. Two evenly matched teams, really (without Smith). And the fact we don't have a decent spinner!
  13. Not commenting on RPG's personal viewpoint, but I do think there is truth in this. I have some sympathy for the Leavers as, after so long waiting to Leave, and being under the impression that they would, that a combination of utter government incompetence, doubt over what was said at the time, a parliament whose sympathies were with Remain, and maybe a shift in popular feeling to Remain, could forestall their plans. However, unlike RPG, I have less bad feeling to the Remain MPs on both sides as I do to the government of Theresa May, whose arrogance and stupidity in trying to force through a Tory Brexit left her bereft of a majority capable of delivering one. This was always a cross-party issue. The referendum was too close to make sweeping changes. She should have consulted parliament first, seen what she could get through, then gone to the EU. I hold her utterly responsible for the mess. No party has come out of this well, and there is hypocrisy on all sides. Brexit, Remain, it's a pyrrhic victory for whichever side.
  14. Yes, I know how MPs are chosen! I thought the discussion was about what a representative democracy was and couldn't see any definition which you were alluding to. You mention, I think, that our parliamentary democracy is not democracy (as you see it), with reference to Burke's (1774) and Churchill's (1955) definitions of the role of an MP. I do think times have changed since then (it is 64 years since Churchill wrote that) and that constituency work now takes up most of an MP's time, with promoting their interests in parliament a prevailing trend. I'm not sure you can get Question Time where you are but I would point you to Emily Thornberry's remarks last night (15:40 - 15.56). She said: 'I am a democrat and after we lost the referendum I woke up the next morning and thought, right, I'm a public servant. I've got to do as I'm told'. I think there is a recognition of that by most MPs. They may not be delegates but I do think the move is towards their constituents rather than parliament and that Brexit has absolutely demonstrated the flaws in the system. Like you, I advocate more direct democracy. I also want proportional representation. I'm unlikely to get it in my lifetime, though!
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