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  1. Formby

    Bournemouth (Home) Sunday January 13th

    That's the important bit! DCL is not up to the job.
  2. Formby

    Kopite Thread

    I thought it was a brilliant game of football - incredible atmosphere, incredible intensity - a great advert for the PL. Very pleased City won, but tempered by the reality that we are (alas) miles behind these two clubs.
  3. Formby

    Spurs (Home) Sunday December 23rd

    And, going further back, a game I listened to on the radio on Boxing Day 1977 - we lost 6-2 to United at GP. I cried a little more then but the pain is about the same!
  4. I'm not as bothered by the capacity as what the stadium will look like and what atmosphere it will generate. The Red Star stadium holds 53K - the atmosphere there is unbelievable. The Juventus stadium holds under 50K but looks magnificent. Would much rather have a sold out 52K than lots of empty seats.
  5. Formby


    Had to smile at this line! Is there anyone on the board who has changed sides / position? Lots of bunkered in talk and not much rapprochement.
  6. Formby


    You really think it's a question for the MPs / government? They don't know what they're doing, either. Those that pretend they do are guided by self-interest.
  7. Formby

    Apostrophe test.

    Works best if you try a German accent with it!
  8. Formby

    Apostrophe test.

    Don't get me started on that one, Steve! After some challenging recent threads, glad to see the board proving, once again, it's the place for the 'thinking Evertonian'! 🙂
  9. Formby

    Manchester United (Away) Sunday October 28th

    Mourinho under fire here for suggesting Everton's ambitions are the same as United's. It may have been another shot across the bows to Woodward but I thought it was typically arrogant of the press / United fanbase to think Everton don't have the same ambition to make Top 4 (surely United's current goal). We may not have the global reach of United, or their recent history, but it's still patronising. Biggest game of the season for me. Echo much of what @Bailey said. I do think we can beat them, and with some style. I just think we need to get over the mental hurdle. With so many new faces, let's hope it's today!
  10. Formby

    Apostrophe test.

    9/10 here, but I'm not really accepting the Jesus' / Jesus's decision. The Chicago Manual Style says both can be used, and I've had the latter accepted in novels, so I'm giving myself 10!
  11. Formby

    Fulham (Home) Saturday September 29th

    I watched us lose to them at Goodison in FA Cup 5th Round in 1975. Made me cry. We should have won the double that season. Stupid losses to Carlisle and Luton. Still irks me!
  12. Formby

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Absolutely this. Every other flaw is magnified because we don't have a bona fide striker.
  13. Yes, I never understood why most bands never bothered with the engineering / cutting / remixing etc. We were up all hours with the engineers, who are really the unsung heroes behind a good production, as you know. Knew many producers who would swan in after dinner in the evening, twirl a few knobs and push a few faders, then piss off back to the restaurant. The engineers always re-twirled the knobs and pushed the faders back and the producer was none the wiser! 😃 Re: Factory - I think that's the way they worked. Very off the cuff! Yes, was in a band through the 90s and beyond - started very small but eventually signed to ZTT / Warners. Strange days, looking back!
  14. I didn't know there was a separate one for cassettes! The compression they put on CDs is pretty ridiculous - can imagine it would have been even greater for you guys. Our records were all mastered at the Townhouse on Goldhawk Road, if you know that? Not sure if it's still going. The sonic maximisers they used in those days made everything sound better. The very first time we went, our engineer, getting carried away telling us an anecdote about Freddy Mercury (who had been in the week before) dropped the acetate and had to start again! Not a happy man.
  15. What did you work as, Mike? Cutting engineer?