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  1. I'll try that with the kids!
  2. You can have unconscious bias, too! It's not always deliberate (just as you can have wilful ignorance).
  3. Quadrupling their share of the vote is splendid - and good luck to them - but you have to feel it was due to them becoming, in effect, a single issue party as well (cancelling Brexit), which you yourself rightly said will not do as well in a GE. They certainly did not do as well in Peterborough as they did in the European elections, which rather backs up the point.
  4. Slightly confused by this, Mike. In Peterborough, they get 29% on a 48.4% turnout. In the European elections, they got 30.5% on a 37% turnout. Statistically, they did better in Peterborough. I am sure you're arguing that the vote to leave has fallen away in Peterborough, which may or may not be true. It must then also be said that the vote to overturn Brexit via the Lib Dems has also eroded (surely a protest vote for Remain in the EU election), so I'm not sure what definitive conclusions can be drawn, other than the Tories are in disarray (hurray), Labour are in disarray (as usual) and Brexit is nowhere near being sorted.
  5. If you click the link, Mike, there is a video explanation of the results. As you say, UKIP got 13% of the vote in 2015 with one seat. The Brexit Party's share of the GE vote this time is projected to be 18%. They have done better than UKIP. I think that would probably equate to more seats. Whatever your feeling towards Brexiteers / Brexit, that's a good chunk of people.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted before but a sobering thought. It would be ironic if the ghastly FPTP system were to upend its strongest advocates.
  7. Season 8, in general, was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing - a great shame.
  8. But to be rid of him so quickly, after so long, with no explanation of the WW, and in such ridiculous circumstances?
  9. Happy to be in the minority, Mike! Just had a scour to see how many other dissenting voices there were - rather than give spoilers here, see what you think about this (if you have a moment!): https://www.gamespot.com/articles/game-of-thrones-the-long-night-review-season-8-epi/1100-6466520/ . Sums up much of what I felt (especially regarding NK and the WW!)
  10. I was massively disappointed: I thought Season 7 was gripping throughout and built up a massive existential threat. I really thought they were going to go for it (take out main characters) in the Battle of Winterfell but, poof, it's over just like that (and in a very cliched way, too).
  11. For what reason, though? There have been eleven other referenda since 1973 and none have come close to creating such a mess. Should he have been prescient enough to realise this? If so, are there questions that politicians should never put to the general population as we are likely to get it wrong (if there is such a thing)? I think that's a dangerous way of thinking and, seeing how parliament has dealt with Brexit, voting on tribal party lines and treating us all with considerable disdain, I don't think a vote by plebiscite could do any worse. Cameron may very well have offered the referendum on party political grounds (trying to silence the Eurosceptics), but he was definitely a Remainer and warned against leaving. It would have been impossible to leave without offering the public a say. I think Parliament shoulders the blame. It has utterly failed us, and probably the civil servants, too. I have no time for May - she should have resigned, or been forced out, months ago - absolutely inept and made worse by her arrogant intransigence. From the day after the referendum vote, all parties should have sat around the table and worked out what they wanted. They should have agreed amongst themselves before approaching the EU. They still haven't now and they probably won't even after an extension. It's an absolute farce and the joke's on us.
  12. Oh, I think so - he would most likely have been charged.
  13. Not to make light of the assault, but it seems curious he was holding an egg at the same time; do you think he beat it later, as well?
  14. That goes for all offenders, though - do you extend the same largesse to them? When does personal responsibility begin?
  15. The utter folly of selling Lukaku and Barkley and not adequately replacing them is the most damning indictment of ownership. DCL is nowhere near good enough for the PL and Tosun, likewise. It's a horror show.
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