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  1. Absolutely, but there is a corollary to it. Often on these boards you hear how 'lucky' other teams are (Liverpool, United) and how every decision seems to go their way. Are we right to complain about this or should we be shrugging our shoulders in the same way we shouldn't be bemoaning decisions that go against us?
  2. Not sure if this has been brought up before: https://www.espnluckindex.com/adjusted-tables/ Were we that unlucky? Suggests we would have finished in the top 6 last season.
  3. Agree about Balance but I wouldn't go back - he is short of mental toughness at this level. I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that we don't have any players to come in; the white ball game has taken over. Nobody works on defence anymore. Also, Australia have the best batter, the best spin bowler and the best fast bowler in the series, so we're up against it. A fully fit Anderson and Archer would help at Lords, but probably unlikely. I do think we need to prepare pitches which don't turn and negate Lyon.
  4. We were also missing our top three bowlers - Wood, Archer and Anderson. Ali is hopelessly out of form and should have been dropped. Main problem, though, is mental toughness. They were ahead days 1-3, then fell apart. It's a common failing.
  5. I pass it every day and couldn't disagree more. There's the National Cycling Centre, the Manchester Tennis Centre, SportCity Living, The East Manchester Leisure Centre. The houses on Ashton Old Road and Ashton New Road have all been regenerated. The area around the Ashton Canal has all been done up - lovely cycle rides through historic Manchester. Without the investment at the Etihad, none of that would have happened.
  6. Hard not to like NZ. Feel for them. But so pleased for England. Enormous pressure. Enormous resilience. Stokes becomes a hero after WI debacle. That was a magnificent game. The game needs to grow now: more countries needed. Sport at its finest.
  7. Well, the difference is right there, isn't it? People do get to choose a representative (in RD) whereas they don't with EU commissioners. You may argue the eventual outcome is the same (although I'm not sure about that) or that it pays a lip service to democracy (it isn't direct democracy, after all), but that's a different argument.
  8. What? Don't citizens elect representatives in representative democracies?
  9. The commissioners are not directly elected by the people, unlike MEPs, so I can see John's point.
  10. I'll try that with the kids!
  11. You can have unconscious bias, too! It's not always deliberate (just as you can have wilful ignorance).
  12. Quadrupling their share of the vote is splendid - and good luck to them - but you have to feel it was due to them becoming, in effect, a single issue party as well (cancelling Brexit), which you yourself rightly said will not do as well in a GE. They certainly did not do as well in Peterborough as they did in the European elections, which rather backs up the point.
  13. Slightly confused by this, Mike. In Peterborough, they get 29% on a 48.4% turnout. In the European elections, they got 30.5% on a 37% turnout. Statistically, they did better in Peterborough. I am sure you're arguing that the vote to leave has fallen away in Peterborough, which may or may not be true. It must then also be said that the vote to overturn Brexit via the Lib Dems has also eroded (surely a protest vote for Remain in the EU election), so I'm not sure what definitive conclusions can be drawn, other than the Tories are in disarray (hurray), Labour are in disarray (as usual) and Brexit is nowhere near being sorted.
  14. If you click the link, Mike, there is a video explanation of the results. As you say, UKIP got 13% of the vote in 2015 with one seat. The Brexit Party's share of the GE vote this time is projected to be 18%. They have done better than UKIP. I think that would probably equate to more seats. Whatever your feeling towards Brexiteers / Brexit, that's a good chunk of people.
  15. Not sure if this has been posted before but a sobering thought. It would be ironic if the ghastly FPTP system were to upend its strongest advocates.
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