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Fa Cup


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Colchester if we beat Chelsea


and the shite got the mancs :lol:


Full draw:


Preston/Crystal Palace v Coventry/Middlesbrough

Newcastle v Southampton


Aston Villa v Manchester City


Everton/Chelsea v Colchester


Charlton v Brentford


Liverpool v Manchester United


Bolton v West Ham

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Preston/Crystal Palace v Coventry/Middlesbrough - fancy the home side

Newcastle v Southampton - could go either way, you never know how newcastle will play


Aston Villa v Manchester City - think man city will win but villa have been good on their day


Everton/Chelsea v Colchester - home team SHOULD win


Charlton v Brentford - Charlton to win


Liverpool v Manchester United - anyones but 1 big side out


Bolton v West Ham - Bolton I think but the hammers have looked good at times


if we can get past chelsea which is no mean feet then I don't think we'd have anything to fear from then on realistically.


i fancy a Liverpool derby final.


what a tie that'd be for the new Wembley (like hell it'll be ready on time but it'd be a cracker!)

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haha what a joke....neverton want to beat chelsea.. :lol:   :lol:

be more realistic, what quality did neverton have???? I really can't think of...


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha u back u muppet!


1 centre half, makeshift midfield and a non existant attack and all you lot could muster was a last gasp draw, champions my arse!


See you at the bridge, thats if your actualy a londener who goes the game which i doubt very much!


Where were you when you were shit?

Where were you when you were shit...........

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i wouldn't quite say it was a last gasp draw!


chelsea came out the second half like the always do if they're losing, they push all out for the equaliser and get it. They then pressured us for much of the second half with us having the occasional moment of pressure on them.


we played well, we deserved our result but you can't deny that Chelsea make great tactial changes throughout games to ensure that they don't lose games.

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