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Happy Birthday Pat

Guest fozzie22

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I can never work out what day it is in Oz...has he had his birthday and gone to bed or will it be his birthday when he wakes up in the morning? I'm a bright bloke you know...got a good eddikashun and exams and stuff but this time difference always fucks my brain..er..happy birthday anyway Pat, hope you enjoy/enjoyed (delete as applicable) it.

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Awww, ta Boys & Girls..had a nice day n all , few beers etc...nothing to out there as well let's face it I am towards the infirmed age group.


The day kind of hit the skid's by mid afternoon after learning my Gal's parents, Sis & Bro in law,n kids etc had battled through the night battoning down the hatches, only to be smashed, obliverated & batterd by the natural violence that what was to follow the next morning. ( Am gonna make a sep thread on this, Amazing stuff indeed) They were Lucky & only lost Car, Boat a Shed & some crops.


3 Pts v's Them would be a magic belated prezzie.


Oh & to prove it was a nice day I had wif Kids etc..heres a lil hurried bday collage...


You may note# No expense's were witheld for the funding of the cake..!!!



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Said the same thing, only to be told the Undies are indeed "Maroon" so all was good & her indoors lives another year.


What is it with Undies as gifts? Is like the female section of society have some kind if illusion regarding male's inability to buy undies...weird.

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