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Newcastle United (away)


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Our next Premiership game takes us to Newcastle, a team struggling in the league mixed in with all the relegation battles going on this year. It should be three points in the bag following world class performances at Liverpool & Bolton but as we all know its not that simple.


Newcastle look weak and we don't know how much influence Kinear will have on the game. First prediction: 2-0





Saturday 22nd February 2009

Barclays Premiership

Click here for ticket information

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Guest efctaxi

I'm quite pleased about the bookings . It's good timing for us against a struggling Newcastle . Would have liked to have seen Lescott get booked as well , as I think we still could have coped against the Mags .


Will have to change my earlier prediction .

Due to our missing players , only 4-0 :)

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Ill think were gonna crush em. 1-4 or 1-5. JoYobo covers right side and Jo replaces TC. Spank em real good :P at least ill hope so. At home we dominated first half vs them, and lost it totally at second half. Even were away now, im seeing this clear 3p in our bag

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No game in the Prem is easy and they should be playing like demons for their sick manager, they certainly knocked it round well at GP earlier in the season. They have nearly new forward line available for this game. We will be up against a hostile crowd, I hate barcodes years ago we had had turds thrown at us along with piss bombs, they really are vermin..


We are certain to field a further weakened side, an altered defence with Hibbo suspended. DM may opt to play Castillo in midfield with Nev dropping back into the back four, he could put Joey in the middle (my prefered choice) but whatever he does the present successful back line will be changed. One bonus is the fact that jo will be back and able to replace Cahill, I will be very interested to see how he plays away from home..................this could be a prefect measure of what we can expect from him in the remainder of the season B)


1 - 2 to us (fingers crossed)

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Guest efctaxi
I would think so but who will play as full back, Moyes has done stranger things


I'm not clever enough to remember all the different footy positional terms . For me , it's front , middle and back lol :lol:


I'll go with Howard - Yobo - Jags - Lescott - Baines , Neville - Arteta - Rodwell - Gosling - Anichebe - Jo :)


Unless our injury list get's shorter .

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