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Everton Vs Birmingham


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less than 24hrs to go and I'm the first to post this topic --- think it's indicative of the fact that we're just about at the end of a long, hard season & no longer have anything to play for.......


as so many of us have been saying, it's a perfect time to give the youngsters a go & leave the likes of ferguson out of the squad, but whether that will happen is doubtful.......


we all know birmingham have a lot to play for, so they certainly won't be short of effort & determination.......


1-1 (beattie & sutton)

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I don't think it is a lack of interest, more of a lack of importance. We all want to see youth given their chance, I think we have accepted we are in the mid-table bracket that we know we are.


Given that, why not put all the kids out as a starting line up and perhaps shake up some of the more lethargic players who continue to draw a damn good wage and yet fail to impress.


At this point in a season where there is nothing to play for a certain apathy kicks in, I want us to win and I want to be able to have pride in who I follow, but Moyes needs to take a chance or two in order to see what we need to buy next year.


Depending on the side selected I'm going for a 3-2 cracker.





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I would normally go along with Stevo's team, but Brum are fighting for their lives at the Mo, so can see Davey playing it safe and not changing things too much.


If our lads are not up for a scrap we could lose this one.


Going for a 1-1 bore draw. :(

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9. Duncan Ferguson


Attempts on Goal/On Target 0/0

Key Passes (Assists for Attempts) 0

Offside 0

Penalty missed 0

Fouls Conceded 0

Fouled 0

Yellow Card 0

Red Card 0


Inspired substitution..at least gave Anichebe five minutes :unsure::rolleyes: .

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erm well we saw mikel arteta arrive late and walk across the pitch.



seriously Pompey's result got the biggest cheer throughout the game.


although the season ticket holder in front of me made a cock up that we laughed about


There was a birmingham corner and as naysmith does he left the near post and went to far post without telling anyone, me being eagled eyed to the blatently obvious Shout "NEVILLE NEVILLE NEAR POST NEAR POST!" Guy in front says the same, but then he goes

"Come on Neville! Come on Gary"



to which i had to shout PHIL, except everyone around me had the same thought. :lol:

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i thought we played some nice football in the first half.

VDM didnt do so bad, he got the ball in the box, gave the full backs a bit of hassle. i would have put Anichebe on before Dunc. an we saw his pace and strength if nothin else. did like the way after he got clattered to the ground he got up and shrugged his shoulders, hope we see him properly in these last two games

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