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Summer Transfer Stratagy


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What do you think the stratagy should be in the transfer market this summer?


Personnally, I would like Moyes to go after the players he has identified as early as possible and before the World Cup starts.


Often some players become to pricey after a big tournement - in which they shine.


and it will also give us plenty to talk about before the World Cup start. :)


I also think he should be bringing in as many talented youngsters as possible from the lower divisons. With maybe one or two more proven talents, i.e Andy Johnson.

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He has tried to buy his targets at the start of the summer before but has always failed, hopefully he can get a few this time.


Ellington has proved he's not good enough to score a lot in the premiership so we definitely should not go for him. West Brom don't have anyone good enough to play for Everton. Sunderland have Arca and Birm have Pennant otherwise the likely relegated teams have no one.

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I might be massacred for saying this, but hear me out.


I think Everton should sell one of its assests, someone like a Cahill or an Arteta to allow them to buy a few players using that money. If Tim has a big World Cup, then it would be a good play to sell him and use that money to get players to fill the shallow positions in midfield. (EDIT-->Only If the board doesnt dish out funds for David to use)


On buying players, getting Gravesen back would be a start. Moyes knows how to use players he has played with, before.


Finally, how many players that are on loan want to stay at Goodison next season? That would be a MAJOR factor. If Ferrari and Valente decide to stay, it would be a huge boost for the line-up and instantly negates to buy other players for that positions.


How good is that guy on loan at Malaga? Brazilian isnt he? Will he be eligible to play next season?

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See what your saying Xavier, but if we sell our best players its going to cost just as much to replace them, no point in replacing them with inferior players, thats never going to improve the squad.


What we need to do is to empty out the rubbish, shed the dead wood........Li Tie, Kilbane, Stubbs, Weir, Naismith, Carsley, V d Meyde, if we can't get much for them at least they are off the wage bill.


Might sound a bit Harsh but the way i see it is that there are youngsters in the reserves, chomping at the bit, just waiting for an opportunity to play, and they will put in better performances than i have seen from that motley crew of so called footballers.



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If you have players, who can do a similar job to the one who leaves, then that is not a major problem. (The same reason i was asking how good the Malaga lad is).


You guys needs players at positions more important than at central midfield. A guy on the left, a goal keeper, and possibly a striker for starters. If theres no money to spend, i dont see any other way that you'd find the funds to get players at those positions.


Throwing the kids is not an option, IMO. If the coaches think that they're not ready, means that they ARE not ready. Playing well in the reserves does not necessarily mean that he will (at this point of time) will do a job in the first team.


Cant see how Moyes would sell Weir, Stubbs, Naysmith and VDM without getting other in their positions. Really dont.

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Naismith has played about 5 games all season, Vd Meyde's played about 6, same with carsley, so we have basicly done without them anyway, as for Stubbs, we already got rid of him and then had to Backtrack in a panic, because one of Daveys £5m Buys Couldnt play football. Li Tie has'nt played for two years, why the f#ck he is still here i just dont Know.


And i hope to f#ck we dont start next season, relying on the two oldest centre halfs in the premier :blink: .

Things have just got to change, this club is becoming a laughing stock.



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Speaking quite freely, do we have a transfer policy?


I thought we sold gold for silver prices and bought lead for gold prices, if we let Simon Davis go for a pot noodle and a creme egg i think that is deal of the century.





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i was gona write exactly the same as u irish, davies will come good, VDM will prove himself when he gets a few games. kepp carsley, he was awesome last season and will be again next season.

agreed though get rid of naysmith, li tie, we are gona have to be smart in the market though cos a lot of clubs will have much more cash than us. as xavier says maybe we could sell an asset.. but who..pistone maybe adam!?

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Guest fozzie22
Yeah, one signing wont make the fans happy including me, we desperately need a good young centre back aswell

agreed,the whole squad needs strenghning thruout but if AJ comes off will we have put all our eggs in the one basket?

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