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Player Of The Season

Player of the season  

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  1. 1. Who is your player of the season?

    • Howard
    • Hibbert
    • Jags
    • Lescott
    • Yobo
    • Baines
    • Osman
    • Cahill
    • Arteta
    • Neville
    • Screech
    • Pienaar
    • Yak
    • Saha
    • Rodwell
    • Gosling
    • Castilio

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Guest efctaxi

All votes will unfortunately be biased and influenced now .

The fact that we don't have a Fellaini , but have a Screetch , says it all . :rolleyes:

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Difficult one this year - Baines, Jags, Peanuts and Felleini all stood out this season, while now usual suspect Lescott and Arteta still had decent seasons.


But has to be Jags for me- We have three quality centre backs, and he still managed to stick out this year. He must have been the first name down on the team sheet

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for some reason, i thought you were a neville hater.


jags for me, everything we want to see in a player.


who voted for yak???


Nah, have liked Neville since he came. Last season I think will have been his peak for us, will be hard for him to repeat it next season.

Only player who still needs to prove a lot, and I mean a lot, is Mo. Let's hope he is fitter next season, after all Moyes must have seen something in him...

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Jagielka! No question about it!


2. Fellaini

3. Neville

4. Cahill

5. Baines

6. Pienaar

7. Jo

8. Lescott


I haven't seen that many Everton matches, mostly the highlights but these are the players that really stood out for me and the fact that I put Fellaini second is not only because I'm Belgian, I feel he did really good this year and I really hope he can improve, just get that little bit quicker.

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