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Forget The Money How Many Players Will Come In?

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i agree with the first post somewhat. i think it will be 6, but i think one of the big signings will also be a free. owen. i think he would be ledge in blue. 3 small signings, 1 free (other than owen), and one 8-10 mil player. whats up w/ davis or w/e from pompy? i think he would be a quality backup/rotation player.

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Well guardian has linked us with 5 players today, just to be generous.


"Everton are also eyeing up Marseille captain Lorik Cana, a holding midfielder whose shooting prowess in on a par with Phil Neville's. And in a bid to prevent a repeat of last season, when Everton began the campaign with six and a half players, David Moyes is also pursuing Celtic's Scott Brown, Lyon's Sidney Govou and the Newcastle player claiming to be Damien Duff. Finally, Michael Owen still exists you know."

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If we manage to keep everybody I would like a right back, a centre back, a right winger at least 1 forward and Moutinho.


If we managed to get all them I for one would be happy, as long as they were decent squad players at least of course

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i understand that moutinho could be great and from what i've read, mbia would be good as well, but would it be wise to invest in two central players. we already have arteta(who is best in the middle), cahill, fellaini, neville. i would love moutinho, just don't think he would be our smartest buy at this point.


im sorry if im getting off topic too much, but ive been watching confederations cup, and think that south african, masilela, would be good cover at left back and fairly cheap. masilela, naughton, owen, bently, mbia, would be awesome. if we sale saha(because of his massive wages), we would even possibly have some money to entice robben instead of bently (one can hope) :rolleyes:

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I think it all depends on the Lescott rumours if it is true and City really want him im sure he will go and maybe the club will give Moyes a decent chunk of the fee, If that is the case i think we will bring in three or at a push four players a replacement for Lescott a RB RW and possibly a DM.


If Lescott stays i can see two players coming in that may push for the starting 11 and maybe an average squad player. Im not getting my hopes up on what may happen i expect it to be very much like last time around.

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