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Lescott Coming?

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Not sure what the crack was with Ferrari,


Why would a team like Roma let a quality defender go on loan for a year while a club makes up there mind if they want him.


And after having him for a season why didn't Moyes take up the offer o purchasing him.


Maybe he was hit and miss - which is not a good trait in a defender.


Lescott is highly regarded

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Guest fozzie22
all these reports are just assuming its lescott all moyes said is he has someone else in mind and everyone is getting mad going ITS LESCOTT ITS LESCOTT!!!!!!!!!!! Bet we sign Henchoz on a free



But as said before i wouldnt be surprised at all..Lescott is far to young for DM's Everton..

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Been looking @ kisnorbo of Leicester as well so they say..He is also More in our price range.



Gary Breen will be a final day signature scramble with Spurs, Shamrock Rovers, Gretna & The Bristol railway workers club.


This is after Weir signs 4 two Years some where, Yobo Is sold & we miss out on both the young center halves mentioned to championship sides.


Whilst counting the cost of the failed krold what ever that streaky piece of shiote was named & Fast Car disasters. ( not to mention the young Chalf we just released)


Leaving otherwise the "SS" to Martiail our seasons start in the guts of defense...Stubbs & Sandro..!!!


Show me something Pleeeez...!!!

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