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Think, of all clubs, Everton's answer to that question is the easiest.


When it comes to all-time great it's impossible to look beyond Dixie surely, even though none of us ever saw him play (with the exception of Bill who was a season ticket holder from 1878 onwards :P ).

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as much as i love timmmy and dunc, they should not be anywhere near the list of greats! from dixie, the holy trinity, young, hickson, labby and more, all of whom ive never witnessed, but won things at this club, i dont think any player in the last 20 years can come close (big nev the exception).


but as mike said, dixie should walk it, and rightly so!


edit; looking at some other clubs, luis garcia is on there for the rs! :lol: wigans has baines and matt jackson!

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I dont agree with this comment on there ...........


"Alex Young was also a prolific goalscorer for Everton so does he deserve the accolade"


Now Alex Young was one of my favourite players, but he was never a "prolific goalscorer" as such, yeah he scored goals but not as many as some peeps would have liked, But it was those he set up for others, and the sheer delight of watching him play that made him such a favourite. Ive never seen a player who looked more Majestic when he had the ball at his feet, beautifull to watch.


But as Mike Said its no contest, and very easy in our case to pick the greatest ever. Contrary to some reports i deny ever actually seeing him play, but William Ralph Dean gets my vote. :)

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