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I've cut and pasted the article:-



Everton Football Club are today being linked with Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton in an attempt to improve their squad ahead of the new season. After completing the signing of Andy Johnson today, Everton are set to sign a couple of players with one of those being Barton.


Joey Barton who’s future has been unclear since handing in a transfer request late in the January Transfer Window is a keen Everton fan, and it seems as though the Merseyside club are set to get another top signing this summer.


This approaches IFF with a man in the know serving as a source, no fee has been suggested by our man yet, but once we get the information we will keep you the fans up to date.

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dunno tho... think about it this way


who will thread the balls thru to our new 8.6 striker? gonan say arteta arent ya? then surely he MUST play in the middle right? u cant thread balls from the wing it jus isnt the same u cant get thte chemistry....


then what about cahill and neville? if we sign barton surely neville will lose out meaning the probable captain is dropped? i doubt moyes wud bench him he loves him, but then surely cahill cant be dropped?


so who do u play? cant play em all u need wide men coz all good teams have a DM and wide men, look at arsenal they play narrow n they struggle, they are far mroe skilled, better passers, and far more intelligent players


so whats yours team gonan be? or more the question what's moyes' gonan be? i cant see it , i can only think hell stick with neville and cahill, but maybe move neville should we sign barton in this case..... so then were stil lgonan suffer because our best passer who should be in midfield spraying it and dictating the game isnt there


anyone agree? i might make a topic for this myself

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If we sign Barton and another quality player the teams that finished above us last season are going to be nervous about us shitting all over them next season.


To Craccer - What if DM decided to radically change the formation and played 3-4-1-2 that would solve the midfield problems and your theory that Cahill plays better when more attack minded, so play him behind Beattie and Johnson

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Hi all ,


i used to post a while back as singing the blues but due to travellin and gettin extemely drunk for around a year have been unable to but great to be back and good to c guys still do the business here , thou bit dis-appointed to see blueboys 21 has gone walkies always a good source that guy!!!!!


anyway my last post was celebrating beating the shite to 4th so hoping can bring the luck back with me .......... ?


Anyway i really dont know much about this Joey Barton , sems to be afew good words to be said , but after bk triangle speech do u really think we will bring in a midfielder ??????


Hey Adam who did u do ur money on last season as Pistone was out ...lol


look forward to chattin with u guys again ,

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It would be great if we signed Barton and Lescott, than is an improvement in every area. Moyes could go with Neville holding and a three man midfield so to speak with Cahill, Arteta and Barton accross the middle Nuno and Hibbo going down the flanks with Neville covering?

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Do you really think we can get Barton now? Especially as he has already had a clash wiv an Everton fan recently. Love to sign him but he would cost a bomb. Can't see where we are getting all this money from : AJ £8.6m, Lescott around £5m, and favourites to sign Robert Huth for £5.5m :blink: <_<

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I dunno about Barton! He can Play Amazing! and Score Amazing goals, but a times just Snapps Players and looses his head on then he is off? Could he get into our Midflied? Arteta, Cahill will Defo be in our Midfield? Osman looked Great last season? VDM fighting for a place? Carsley? B)

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Hes off to Boro, but ive read a few articles and they make out like we are getting Huth AND Lescott so im not too sure whats going on


if we do! then it Yobo will be off? But i dont think that Huth will be here? Unless it might be loan, But i doubt it!

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