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Rios Ferdinands World Cup Wind Ups


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i watched it upto beckham, thought it was hillarious, what did he do to beckham?


edit: spelt backham wrong twice, idiot


edit: oh my god, im thick i spelt beckham wrong in my edit


Ha Ha, thats funner than Rios show, wonder if he dances on the sand?




WTF murked

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that PUNK'D gets on my bloody nerves, the gags themselves arnt bad but that idiot of a presenter is just strange, like zed said, just shouts at the camera for no apparant reason....well theres only one reason i can think of actually....hes american <_<

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ronnie and becks were funny


SWP face was a classic


but wasn't overly impressed but it was alright


murked is basically the new slagged for you've been had/done/pulled the wool over your eyes/made an ar@e of/punked/........ (i think you get the picture now)


but its an american rap slang word.... meaning u got owned, sonned, clowned ... so hes just a bell end for tryna be soem black yank

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