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Brisbane Roar (away)


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5 minutes till kick off and no topic!


Hopefully a clean sweep of Australia gets completed today. I reckon 2-0.



Starting line up:



Coleman Distin Jagielka Baines

Osman Neville Rodwell Bilyaletdinov

Saha Beckford


So Osman moves back to a more regular position with Neville starting, Bily given another chance though probably still out wide, hopefully he gets himself involved.


Interesting to see how Beckford and Saha will get on together.

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Seamus made some great runs, and the goal from Maggie was awesome! Better though, was Rodwell's. I've decided to get his name printed on one of my next jerseys.


I had the opportunity to pull Maggie aside after his warm/cool down and got him to add an 18th signature to my shirt!

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Was at the game last night and it's given me some convidence in cetain players like Vic, Maggie, Coleman and suprisingly Osman!

Think Beckford looked dangerous at times but did some dodgy passes. Saha had his chances but seemed absent in the second half. Distin needs to work on his long balls, but actually played alright down back. Bily was out of position again, but looked pretty good in the first quarter of the match. (why not throw him in the middle with Cahill and Arteta out!?)

Baxter was good but I wasn't happy he was wearing no9! Vaughan didn't have much of an effect.

CBF'd writing anything else at the moment(am at the Airport using my phone) but all up I enjoyed the game, but we really should have smashed em!

Glad I also got to see Rodders score! Really hope he stays with us for a while...can see him have a top season in 10/11!



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