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Gay Footballers

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Didn't read the story.....but if there's a free scoring gay center forward in need of a team, then take a look at Everton mate.

If there's a gay central defender, who likes playing in pink, and can stop just about any attack from leading to a goal, get along to Everton.


If there's a lad out there who can play any position, who can help us get top 4...who just happens to be gay....well you know the rest!


If they give 100% to Everton and the Blue shirt.....and can keep their private life below the radar, I don't care who or what they are.


I mean would we care if Everton ladies had a lesbian or two within the ranks :rolleyes:

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I didn't read the whole article, but unfair to claim that Darren Purse is the only footballer prepared to talk about the subject,

I remember reading a very, open and honest article by David James on the subject a while ago.


There are sports men and women in most other sports open about their sexuality its a shame this doesn't seem to be a possibility in football,

recently a professional wrestler in the US came out as bisexual.


It must be hard when premier league managers refuse to talk about the subject and the likes of Max Clifford has advised footballers to stay in the closet.


It will take a very, brave young man to be comfortable and confident enough to come out, but I am surprised no ex-professionals have come out, I think that would help and be a start.


I remember the season before last in lower Gwladys Street a group of Evertonians for seemingly no reason decided to stand and sing "We Don't Want Queers At The Match!"

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Wasn't sure on whether to post on this to be honest.


Here goes.


Gay to me means happy not homosexual... Maybe I am old fashioned. However apparently it means Good As You. ?????


The old fashioned word is Sodomite, which may sound insulting, but is more to the point I think???


And finally who gives a monkey's about someone else's private life and the sexual preferences that they have? If they are not hurting anyone then why don't they JUST SHUT UP?


We never hear about David Moyes and his wife's favourite positions or whatever and I don't want to. I certainly do not want to know about homosexuals.


Sorry rant over. If I have caused offence it was not intended.

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