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Mobile Phones


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Going to get Josh a new one for Christmas but I really don't know much about the latest ones (controversially I use my aged one only for making telephone calls :o ).


Don't want to spend a fortune but I want to get him something quite clever and thought of this.


Decent? Or anyone know of a good place for bargains?


You were all very helpful when I got him an MP4 so I thought I'd tap into the huge techno-knowledge pool that is TT for help once again :D .

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Whilst it's not exactly an iphone I do know several (happy) people who own one, this site gives you a good idea on latest prices for contract and PAYG.



Thanks people. Found this one via that site Iggy which looks decent also :) .


Came across this reading the reviews which made me laugh...


"Stylish and good loking, the qwerty keyboard makes tecting so much easier..." :lol:

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Exactly....I'd happily have one of those for myself though Bill (my current one was a bit of an extravagance at £17.95).


Yeah I'm the same, i spent about £20 quid on a cheap LG a couple of years ago so i might upgrade to that E1120, or i might go mad and treat myself to the E1170 for £7.95 with a choice of network providers. :P


And delivered to your door. :o

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How often does Josh use the phone Mike?


Avg texts/phone calls a month (roughly)?

Very little (as a phone) at the moment but I'm guessing it'll increase in the near future as he gets more independent and starts doing stuff for himself....he's more of a gadget freak at the mo so extras are quite important (camera, video, mp3/4, games etc).


Mine's an LG as well Bill, top it up by about £5 every three or four months :P .

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you sure Mike, found a bargain one on ebay:




edit: ive got a reasonably new phone (only 6 months old) Song Ericsson something or other, not a smart phone but its alright. That was until monday when it suddenly decided that i can only here it with the hands free kit in or on loudspeaker. little bit pissed off. I really want a HTC or samsung galaxy thingy but just cant afford them.

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The two Ronnies were great. Loved the "fork handles" sketch

Can remember that being shown for the first time :unsure: . Absolute classic.


Two Ronnies were hit and miss for me....loved the sketches and Barker's bits but the musical numbers & Corbett's monologue did nothing for me.

Was a Morcambe and Wise man (boy).

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