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I know i'm half in dream land while i'm writing this but i'v been thinking back to the last time Everton actually started a season with two serious strikers up front and i cant put my finger on it.


Theres been plenty of chances taken with overseas players and plenty of youngsters who just aint cut it in the big time but we potentially have a partnership with Beattie & AJ that could be as effective as dare i say it Sutton & Shearer were for Blackburn!


Have we had this much talent up front at all in the last 15 years?

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at 22 years old and only remembering as far back as about 1990 the one problem Everton have always had in that time is not having a prolific goal scorer.


we've been through plenty of players but none that have ever been proven in the premiership now we've finally got 2 players that can score 15 + goals and a midfield that's as good as we've had in that time as well.


We've really no excuses for not scoring goals next season. And with our defence looking like it may take shape hopefully the defence can keep improving too.

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I can't wait to see what they're going to do next season, hopefully compliment each other beautifully. I think that although Beattie had a big turnaround after xmas he was really missing a striking partner and AJ looks like he's perfect for the job.


.....and a midfield that's as good as we've had in that time as well.



But I still keep thinking if only we still had Gravesson :(

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Andre Kanchelskis was the last player to score 15 goals 95/96, mostly played alongside Stuart who scored 9, and Amokachi who scored 8.


Before that it was Tony Cottee 16 goals 93/94 with Rideout weighing in with 6 league and 4 cup goals.


Think Beattie & Johnson should get more than 25 between them.

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