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Haye Vs Klitschko

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Hope Haye wins and a lot of people who know shitloads more about it than I do think he can....but Klitschko's the favourite with the bookies.

mainly because of size and weight thats why, technically Haye is only really a Cruiserweight, but he makes up for it with speed, if he gets in close to Klitschko, then he will kill him, but Klitschko has very long arms and is able to stand back and still hit some meighty left jabs/hooks, Haye needs to bide his time, wait for an opening then just go in for the kill and he should be able to get at Klitschko, even if its only on points, problem is that UK boxers don't have a great record in Germany so he really needs to knock Klitschko out, and thats not going to be easy

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Haye is being abit of a cunt with some of his pre-fight media bollocks, he is going slightly too far with all this trash talk about putting him in hospital and all that, if he loses he will look like a right nob

Its a game trash talk since the beginning of time. Haye late stoppage for me i'm feeling in nine

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I would like to see Haye win. I think he can do it, but I am not confident.


Actually I am quite excited by it, but I will not be paying to see it live.... Bugga that.


Besides in boxing, I have always found it more exciting to listen to radio commentary.

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