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Following on from the price freeze announced for 2011/12 earlier this year, Blues officials have revealed that a newer way of grading games will be introduced for all league matches at Goodison Park.






Adult Price

Junior Price

Over 65s Price




Standard + £5

Standard + £2.50

Standard + £3.75



Manchester United and Manchester City

Standard + £4

Standard + £2

Standard + £3



Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Bolton (Seriously!? Bolton on par with Chelsea!?)

Standard + £3

Standard + £1.50

Standard + £2.25



Standard 2011






Stoke City and Blackburn

£25 in all areas

£12.50 in all areas

£18.75 in all areas


Taken From - http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/2011/06/30/2011/12-ticket-prices


Everton will introduce a new competitive pricing structure for Barclays Premier League matches next season – including money off standard prices for at least two fixtures.


Following on from the season ticket price freeze announced for 2011/12 earlier this year, Blues officials have revealed that a new grading system will be introduced for all league games at Goodison Park.


There will be five categories of game - grade A-E - with the prices reflecting the scale and the timing of the fixture.


The grade A game will carry the highest premium whilst the Club has introduced Grade E games that will be cheaper than the standard 2011/12 prices. Grade D is the standard matchday price for next season and covers 50 per cent of fixtures.


Alongside the new grading system junior prices remain half the price of adult fixtures for all games and in all areas of the stadium.


Chief Executive Robert Elstone said: “The changes we have opted to make for next season have come about following research we conducted in last season’s fans’ survey.


“We asked a wide range of our supporters to identify what they believed was the optimum pricing for attending matches at Goodison Park and for 2011/12 we have managed to build our entire pricing structure around this – both season tickets and match by match prices.


“In what continue to be tough economic times, we are aware that we needed to make some positive changes, as well as keeping the popular junior offer from last season and we hope as many fans as possible will be able to take advantage over the coming campaign."

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Forgot to include the standard prices...nob.








Top Balcony





Main Stand





Upper Gwladys





Lower Gwladys





Upper Bullens





Lower Bullens










Park End





Family Enclosure




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When you compare our prices to some others around, we still are quite cheap. Would people be accepting, maybe, a £5 hike as long as the cash went towards strenghthening the team.


Some of the games last year for poor teams i.e Wolves £40 and QPR charging £47 this year is amazingly high compared to ours.

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Well it's cheaper than going to see one of Billy's plays (slightly) but much more expensive than going to the cinema. You don't really get the same level of drama from a trip to the cinema to see something where what happens is already set in stone.


I'd personally say the price is pretty decent, I think those clubs (ESPECIALLY FULHAM) are ripping people off who charge £50+.

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