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Aj Odds.

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I fance a little double with AJ to scorer and Everton to finish top 6.


Anyone believe in betting systems?


I'v been given a football one for the comming season which is something to do with odd / even numbers of goals scored by a team. I'm not really a gambler but i may just test the water with this little one see how it goes!

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test it on paper mate, not with your own money.


if it looks good then give it a go.


"systems" can work but whenever you see the offer of amazing money making system think to yourself "why is that person selling a system when they can make endless pots of cash from it themself!


i've payed out on a couple of different football and horses systems but wouldn't do it again.

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Many, many years ago I read about a system that was basically putting a set amount of money each way on horses starting at 10-1 in handicap races where there were more than ten runners. Tested it on paper for a bit and it seemed to work but only did it short term and never tried it with real money..I'd forgotten all about it.


I'm gonna be rich I tell ya...Rich!!

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Thierry Henry - Arsenal 27

Ruud van Nistelrooy - Man Utd 21

Darren Bent - Charlton 18

Robbie Keane - Tottenham 16

Frank Lampard - Chelsea 16

Wayne Rooney -Man Utd 16

Marlon Harewood - West Ham 14

Craig Bellamy - Blackburn 13

Aiyegbeni Yakubu - Middlesbrough 13

Henri Camara - Wigan 12

Didier Drogba - Chelsea 12

Collins John - Fulham 11

Ahmed Mido - Tottenham 11

James Beattie - Everton 10

Hernan Crespo - Chelsea 10



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beattie said on SSN news the other day he wants at minimum 20 goals nest season, can see AJ being top english goal scorer but henry will win the overall top goal scorer, mite get me mum to put a bet on for me that AJ is top english goalscorer

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As a seasoned Evertonian, I try not to expect too much...


however, that said, with recent signings, I think that Everton 'could' again be a team which we once were...and I hope so, I have had enough of being a below average team supporter.


I personally think that this season our forwards will flurish!



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