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As we have had a major influx of Americans


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The number of famous British actors who starred in Z Cars is quite impressive. Among them are:

  • Colin Welland
  • Frank Windsor
  • Brian Blessed
  • James Ellis
  • Stratford Johns
  • Ian McShane
  • John Thaw (Morse)
  • Nicholas Smith (Mr. Cuthbert, Are you being served)
  • Judy Dench (M for a while on James Bond)
  • Joss Ackland
  • Leonard Rossiter
  • Windsor Davies
  • Fulton Mackay (Porridge)
  • Geoffrey Hughes (Keeping up appearances)
  • Kate O'Mara
  • Davy Jones (from the Monkees)
  • Judy Parfitt
  • Peter Sallis (voice of Wallace from Wallace and Gromitt)
  • Glenda Jackson
  • Malcolm Tierney
  • Molly Sugden (Mrs Slocombe from Are you being served)
  • Tom Baker (who was once Dr. Who)
  • Ian Lavender (Corporal Pike, Dad's Army)
  • Robert Powell
  • Diana Dors
  • Arthur Lowe (Captain Mainwaring, Dad's Army)
  • John Hurt
  • Patricia Routledge (Mrs. Bucket in Keeping up appearances)
  • Eileen Atkins (Aunt Ruth on Doc Martin)
  • Bernard Bresslaw (Carry On movies)
  • John Laurie (Dad's Army)
  • Arnold Ridley (Dad's Army)
  • Stefanie Cole (Aunt Joan, Doc Martin)
  • Geoffrey Palmer
  • Wendy Richard (Miss Brahms, Are you being served)
  • Colm Meaney (Star Trek, TNG)
  • John Rhys-Davies (Gimli LOTR)
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That's an impressive list!


To name drop, I once had a pub lunch with Judi Dench B).


And I don't mean I was in the same pub as her one lunchtime, there were just four of us (another being her late hubby, Michael Williams). Lovely couple, my lad is infinitely impressed that I once broke bread with M :lol:.

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An American lady teacher was on an exchange visit to a Liverpool Primary School. One day she was supervising a sports lesson. All the kids were racing about and she noticed one lad who was stood on his own. She noticed that he had been on his own for some time. She went over and said 'why don't you join in with all the other lads' The lad said 'I don't think I should'. 'Why not' asked the teacher. 'I'm the goalkeeper' said the lad.

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The Z cars bit gave me a lump in my throat and I only live in Berkshire!

Always makes the hair on my neck stand up to be honest. I think that is what it means to be an Evertonian Johnh.


So how many here used to watch Z-cars?


well I did lol


Fancy Smith (Brian Blessed) and his Scottish sidekick, can't remember his name.

Was it PC Sweet? Or PC Evans?

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