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Good Morning and welcome Red, at least you didnt hide behind a false name.

We welcome any footy supporters on this site but remember, it is an Everton site and you might get lots of abuse IF you step out of line.

I am going to edit your post, and if you put your letter in the appropiate thread( General Everton discussion), i'm sure you will get plenty of response.


CHEERS. And Welcome.

Edited by Licker
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Welcome. Are you a real American or a displaced Norwegian my friend?


And who the fuck is Branch Rickey?



"Things worthwhile generally don't just happen. Luck is a fact, but should not be a factor. Good luck is what is left over after intelligence and effort have combined at their best. Negligence or indifference or inattention are usually reviewed from an unlucky seat. ... Luck is the residue of design." Branch Rickey


Needs to shorten that a bit...you'll never get it in a Christmas cracker otherwise :D .

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Expected the abuse, but nothing too bad... yet! We'll see, I will be respectful, because I know I'm a "stranger in a strange land", as it were.


Incidently, FWIW, I quoted Branch Rickey to point out that luck has less to do with success than most people think. I hear grousing and complaining about a "lucky shot", or a "lucky bounce", etc., and frankly, it's wearisome. So I include the full quote to show that, while luck (or whatever you want to call it) can be a factor in a positive outcome for your side many times, more often than not it's been the result of something positive you've done to put yourself in the position to take advantage of the luck.


For instance: some might say "Andy Johnson was lucky to score that first goal in the derby". But that would ignore the build-up to the play that led to the shot on goal: the ball from Howard's goal kick to Cahill, the perfectly placed chip (I've seen the replay several times and still can't figure out who made that pass) that Johnson ran onto. Yes, Carragher made a meal of a ball he normally clears, but Johnson still had to finish, which he did. So luck was part of it, but in the greater context Everton's build up play had more to do with the opportunity that came Johnson's way.

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