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Garth Crooks (Everton Comments Only)

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Rather than just sit and seethe every time I read some of his preposterous comments I thought I'd start a thread. While he makes stupid comments on everything, this is meant to be for those specifically about us.

On Connor Coady (94 words written, 39 of them about the subject he quoted)

"Everton are still some way from becoming a top 6 side but anything less will see Lampard fighting for his job" - What planet is he on. No one in our club (Moshri included) expects/demands a top 6 finish this season.

"Talk of the Everton Manager taking over from Southgate after the World Cup is premature" - What does this have to do with Coady.

On Pickford

"Everton were in desperate need of this victory at Soon and its puts them on the same points as Liverpool, which says as much about their neighbours as it does Everton" He just can't give a compliment without a snide remark.

Did we do something to Crooks while he was a player - homophobic or racist chants or something.

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48 minutes ago, Wiggytop said:

He writes/speaks as if he has two brain cells operating at the same time, with each set of words being put out and competing with each other for attention, totally nonsensical……..known as utter shite in the real world.

You're being very generous there, so I've made a minor correction.

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