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What Position(s) Do You Believe Needs Strengthening?


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I believe that if we are to make that next step to top 6 challengers every season we need to invest in some quality wingers. If you look at the top 3 teams in the premiership (Chelski, The Arse and The Mancs) they all really heavily on there wingers. The likes of Ronaldo, Giggs, Robben, Ljunberg are influential players for these teams each season. Alright, we haven;t got the sources or reputation to attract these type of world class players but we can get better than the crop we got now.


Andy Van Der Meyde

Simon Davies

Leon Osman

James McFadden (when selected to play out wide)

Mikeal Arteta (when selected to play out wide)


AVD is a total waste of ability and is a dirty Alcoholic who probably picks up around 30k a week.


Simon Davies is possibily the worst player at the club.


Leon is a good little winger and can be effective when he is on form, but he isn't the type of winger that will acheive double figures in assists a season.


Mikael Arteta is more effective in the middle were he can be invloved with everything and can bring more players into the game. He has the crossing ability for a winger but what we need is an out-out winger.


Imagine the team we would have if we had kanchelskis and limpar now when they were in there prime.


Personally i believe that we should take a look around at a couple of wingers for the January transfer window. SWP on loan would be ideal for us or even Harry Kewell at the shite.


Imagine this as a lne up.


1. Tim Howard

2. Tony Hibbert

3. Nuno Valente

4. Joseph Yobo

5. Joleon Lescot

6. Mikael Arteta

7. Shaun Wright Philips

8. Phil Neville

9. Andy Jonson

10.Tim Cahill

11. Harry Kewell

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i think if we got young he would be a waste at left back. i live with a watford fan as i am at uni and he says he is an out and out winger but can play up front, wouldnt want to turn him into a left back, he would be quality for us but think he would command a fee of atleast 4-6 mill. doubt we have the money for that

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I can't offer any names at the moment, but we are desperately in need of one or two mid-fielders who can actually pass a f*cking ball to a team member. The last three games I have seen passes going astray or just launching the long up up field in the vague hope AJ's pace can create problems.


I have an idea, some of you may cry me down for this but, how about we play football.


Jock Stein once said "Football is a very simple game, all you need is four players who can tackle, four who can pass, two who can score and a lunatic in goal".


We seem to make our own live's difficult and continually fail to play to our strengths, the Arsenal game was not pretty, but it showed a certain canniness in our approach to the game.





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midfield, and a partner for AJ if Moyes doesnt believe Victor can make it. id be happy enough with Smith on loan for the short term up front.

but a left sided midfielder must be priority. i really think we miss Neville from the middle to be honest



I dont know about Moyes but I dont think he'll make it.



Getting Smith on loan wouldnt add a single thing to our team. To bring him in would mean he would be a starter week in week out and I dont think he's good enough.

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Guest blueboy122

no smith is a great player i have a feeling this may cum off because moyes was intrested in him wen leeds went down.i can see this one happening tbh wa do u lot think???

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