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If You Want To Light A Candle..


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Comparisons to George Best are daft (I'm sure I'll end up making some)but Richard Burns was Englands only ever world rally champion. He died at thirty-four after a brain tumour. He should have been thought of up with Nigel Mansell, Stewart, Hill(s), Moss and Button in the public mind but he wasn't. Had he been born in Sweden or Norway he would have been every much as big a star as George Best ever was. He was a lovely man, a magician behind the wheel and a true British sporting hero and he is (in my humble opinion), along with his family, at least as deserving of a candle as any flawed self destructive footballing genius.

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Guest fozzie22
What a fuckin joke, our media made nothing of this!


I knew he was ill, but didnt know it had killed him!


Modern day rally genius!

Well he didnt get pis....oh hang on im not going down that road again


But yes,typical media double standards as usual

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