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Which Players Do You Want To Sell?


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Pistone - he is a decent defender when he is playing, but he is terribly injury prone.

Naysmith - I just don't think he is a premiership player. He is a little too slow to react for my liking.

Carsley - he is past his best and now drifts from games all too often imo.


I just wish that BT would switch on. I think that part of his problem is the way he is being played. In the past, when he was at clubs like Blackburn and Southampton, he was being fed the ball from wide positions as both clubs make use of their wingers to best effect, however that is not how Everton have been playing for many a season, long before BT signed. We tend to either throw the long ball up, or play it through the centre of midfield. It would be nice to see VDM getting regular starts on the wing, and see if that has an effect on BT.

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Wright (got better cover than him)

Beattie (wanted it to work out but no sign of improvement, sell now or lose even more money on him - but only if we bring in a decent forward in January.




Stubbs (old, tired)

Weir (old, knackered)

Davies (inconsistent at best)

Carsley (got Pip doin same job better)

Pistone or Naysmith (not good enough).

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