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Moyes' Howard - Public Comments.......


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1st one got a deflection off yobo and Howard had to twist in mid air, thats why he didnt collect cleanly.


Cant complain about the free kick, it went over the wall into the opposite side, to where he was guarding.


Last one was defensive error, tackling like a little girl. A terrific shot so cant blame howard for that.


Poss a bit slow getting down for the other one , But both managers agreed that the shit type ball was moving about all night.


The Ten players in front of him, deserve to be slagged off before him.


A bad day at the office, but i dont believe in public humiliation of players, thats how you lose the respect of the dressing room.


First signs of cracks in the harmony and lack of respect showing through Maybe.??

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I think the clueless bastard has made quite a mess of things recently.

I was no more than ten feet away from him at yesterday's game and he just stood there staring.

When he tried shouting to players they just ignored him!

I think they're pissed off with his line ups and his tactics.

When we lost Valente he could've brought Weir on and moved Lescott to left back (a better option than Naesmith IMO).

Arteta should be central with Neville. He's the playmaker and can supply AJ far better from a central position.

Osman can play left and VDM right.

Yobo or Mark Hughes can play right back.

Young Vaughan should have been on for the 2nd half to add his pace and we should have thrown everything at them.

At least had a go at them!

A bag of bollocks is all we got. All Moyes wants to do is play safety first football.

No fuckin ambition to get stuck in and attack teams at home.

Too many times we've seen this so far this season where we don't finish the job off and sit defending a goal lead.

It's shite, and we won't get anywhere unless we play to the players' strengths and not Moyes' negative tactics.

I expect and demand a massive improvement against Reading.

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i dont know if im reading too far with this, but maybe moyes has had a few tips from fergie regarding Howard. like, if he messes up what makes him push on to make up for it? i dont know.

maybe he responds well to critisism.


i wouldnt start saying its problems in the changing rooms.


maybe moyes has just found a new weapon for his armoury

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Cant remember Moyes critising Davies or Beattie....


I think its out of order critsing a player who has been one of the best keepers we've had for a while (excluding Nige) and hes been Mr Consistant on all but two occasions.


Poor decision on Davids part I think

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why? different people react differently.

Mourinho and Ferguson criticise players in public


maybe so, but mourinho recognised that he shouldn't have and defended his players the following week to make up for it ... and ferguson iunno


but still chelsea and man u have got much bigger squads than we have, they can criticise a player and if they react badly they can get replaced... we're not even close to having that option, we need to keep morale high in our camp, and moyes should have never said what he did

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Moyes shouldn't be blaming howard, with long range shots with these sweve-o-matic balls its hard enough for a keep, what the problem is in my opinion lies at the source of the shot, and long range efforts more often than not come from attacking midfielders (pedersen on sunday) which means OUR defensive midfielder is not doing his job properly, we all know howard has problems with long range efforts so dont let teams hit long range efforts SIMPLE!


Why didnt anderson da silva play anyway?


and 3rd, goddamn you valente getting injured naysmith in defence is an accident waiting to happen

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